A Global Financial Service Organization’s Data Management Transformation with Wilmac Technologies

June 11th, 2024

Written by Garry White, Enterprise Information Archiving Sales Director

Wilmac Technologies and a global financial service organization have been working together since 2022, aiding them in developing and solidifying their data management strategy while navigating their divesture from another organization. 

The Opportunity

This customer is a leading global financial services organization specializing in cross-border payments and foreign exchange solutions. Formed from a corporate split in 2021, this organization operates in 22 countries with approximately 38 offices worldwide. 

Amidst this organization’s divesture in 2021, they needed to separate 10 years’ worth of customer interaction data that was subject to stringent data retention regulations.  

With all of the two organizations’ customer interaction data residing on a NICE Engage system and subject to a 10-year retention period, the global financial services organization initially went to NICE to see if they could help them access their recordings. 

NICE’s proposed solution was extremely expensive, while also lacking a clear action plan and confidence in execution.  

This led the organization to begin an external search for a partner to manage a complex data extraction and migration. 

Beyond separating the two organizations’ customer interaction data, this organization was transitioning from NICE Engage to Amazon Connect and Zoom for various business lines. Transitioning to a new telephony platform also meant splitting the customer interaction data from their previous organization needed a place for storage within their new infrastructure. 

NICE Engage

The system the financial services organization was moving off of

219 Million

The number of audio files the organization needed to extract

Amazon & Zoom

The platforms this organization was transitioning to

The Solution

Wilmac provided the global services organization with a robust solution using Continuity Replay in their AWS environment: 

Data Transfer & Decryption

An AWS Snowball was used for secure data transfer. Wilmac decrypted the files and transferred them to AWS Data Center. The customer’s data was then moved into their S3 Bucket within AWS. 

Continuity Replay

Wilmac’s Continuity Replay solution was built on AWS EC2 to ensure seamless data management. Wilmac continues to support the financial service organization’s ongoing needs for archiving and compliance retention strategy development. 

Future Integrations

Wilmac Technologies is working with the customer to integrate their Zoom and Amazon Connect platforms with Continuity Replay for ongoing ingestion of their call recordings. 

Achievements & Key Benefits from Wilmac’s Partnership with a Global Financial Services Organization

Successful Data Split

Ensured compliance and met the requirements of the corporate split.

Immediate Savings

Reduced costs significantly and achieved a rapid turnaround.

Enhanced Management

Improved ability to manage and archive call recordings efficiently.


The global financial services organization has seen the following successes through their partnership with Wilmac: 

Centralized Data Management

All of the organization’s call recording data from the NICE Engage platform is centralized in one location, simplifying access and management for compliance. They are also ingesting their Zoom and Amazon Connect customer interaction data into Continuity Replay for a streamlined data management platform. 

Cost Savings

In comparison to NICE’s original proposal for a data extraction from Convera’s NICE Engage platform, working with Wilmac Technologies helped this organization achieve a 50% cost reduction that could be allocated to other parts of the business for more effective use. 

Efficient Data Migration

The global financial services organization engaged Wilmac Technologies during the divesture and had to act quickly to get up and running in their allotted timeframe. From the point of introduction to the successful data migration, it was about six months. 

Future-Proof Compliance & Archiving Strategy

Wilmac Technologies worked closely with the organization’s network team to develop a comprehensive strategy for data archiving and compliance retention, which has led to Wilmac’s continued involvement in helping them achieve unified data management. 

Continued Partnership

Wilmac Technologies remains a trusted partner for this global financial services organization by continually supporting the development of their archiving and compliance retention strategy, as well as providing a replay system capable of ingesting data from various platforms. 

As this organization continues to develop, Wilmac can assist them with their data management strategy, consolidating their customer interaction data from legacy and production platforms into a unified access portal.  

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“The consulting Wilmac offered us early on in the process shined a light on the issues we had with our data management. Garry brought up great questions that helped guide me on where the data could reside. He helped us walk through that process in great detail.”

Network Architect
Global Financial Services Organization

“I really like how Continuity Replay helps us manage the call recordings. Being able to place single audio files or a group of files on legal hold and then setting the dates and the durations to keep the files before purging makes it easy to guarantee compliance.”

Network Architect
Global Financial Services Organization

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