6 Reasons Why You Need an Effective Quality Assurance Program in Your Center 

October 14th, 2021

Written by John McDonnell, Public Safety Sales Director

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From the moment a public safety dispatcher answers a call, their response and subsequent actions have the ability to significantly impact lives. As the first point of contact in an emergency, these call takers are tasked with initiating the dispatch of first responders as they extract critical and accurate information in extreme situations. The severity of these situations creates a need to perform well consistently, which is why PSAPs have Quality Assurance (QA) programs. 

What is Quality Assurance? 

In the broadest terms, quality assurance is maintaining the desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage in the process. For public safety, a quality assurance program is designed to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance of the individuals and PSAP as a whole. 

PSAPs are constantly under heavy demands like staffing challenges, cutting costs, increasing transparency, and the ever-evolving technologies and processes that they’re trying to manage. More than ever, quality assurance and quality improvement (QI) initiatives are essential. When they’re done right, they can relieve some of those burdens and free up organizations to focus on their mission. 

Why Do I Need an Effective Quality Assurance Program? 

The value and performance of the individuals working in your PSAP cannot be understated. With such high stakes at hand, ensuring optimal and consistent performance is a necessity. Here are 6 reasons why you need an effective Quality Assurance Program in your PSAP: 

Saves Time

Manually hunting for the correct number and type of prescribed calls to evaluate can take away time from coaching employees or even reviewing more calls. Automated selection cuts evaluation time in half. 

Boosts Confidence

Not only does an effective QA program improve your employees’ confidence in performing their jobs well, it boosts the confidence of the management in their PSAP. Employee turnover is another issue faced in public safety, so fully equipping your employees to succeed and helping them through difficult lessons is critical to boosting their confidence. 

Saves Money

With an effective QA program, you’re paying to prevent problems in the long run. Working on the front end to coach and train your employees to be fully prepared when a situation presents itself can save your PSAP money. 

Creates Clear Expectations

There are so many people critical to responding to an emergency. An effective QA program ensures these employees know their responsibility and what’s expected of them. 

Ensures Consistent Results

Helping employees review their calls and learn from mistakes teaches them how to do their job consistently. A clear QA program will also ensure all employees are working to meet the same standards. 

Creates an Organizational Culture

When quality assurance is a priority for an organization, it sets the tone for the whole PSAP. The drive for quality work infuses every part of an organization and everyone has a role to play. 

Wilmac’s Public Safety solutions powered by NICE Inform emphasize having an effective Quality Assurance program. Serving the public is not an easy task, so continuously trying to improve performance is a necessity.

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