Are you leveraging an effective Quality Assurance program in your PSAP?

      After a successful NICE Inform session in February, we received overwhelming feedback on how to effectively leverage a Quality Assurance program in your PSAP. For the second installment of our Public Safety webinar series, Wilmac’s Public Safety team presents Maximizing your PSAP’s Potential: Leveraging Quality Assurance.

      Wilmac’s Public Safety team discusses Quality Assurance and how you can effectively utilize the NICE Inform Evaluator tool. When done properly, we’ve witnessed the benefits an effective QA program can have:

      • Better training and coaching opportunities
      • More well-equipped employees, which improves retention and minimizes turnover
      • Insight into performance issues and knowledge gaps
      • Holistic views of complex incidents

      So, how do you reap those benefits? Wilmac’s Mark Huber and John McDonnell review best practices, key features, and common challenges that can impact your Quality Assurance program through the lens of NICE Inform Evaluator.

      Watch the second session of our NICE Inform series here.

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