Recording Microsoft Teams – Complete Communication Compliance

Join Wilmac and NICE experts in a webinar tackling today’s compliance challenges and recording considerations. 

Is your organization struggling to keep pace with evolving recording regulations?

With more employees now working from home, Microsoft Teams is enjoying growing popularity across the spectrum. Teams has enabled digital transformation for organizations of all sizes, with its ability to support multi-channel communications in one unified platform.

In addition to providing flexibility to work at home or in the office, Teams has been proven to reduce the costs of collaboration, accelerate decision-making, and elevate the customer and trader experience to new levels. But, if you’re rolling out Microsoft Teams to regulated employees, you’ll also need to record, archive, and retain these omni-channel communications (voice, video, chat and screen sharing), too.

As the first Microsoft Certified platform, NICE Trading Recording (NTR) offers active recording and capture for all Microsoft Teams communication types like voice, video, chat, screen sharing and more.

This webinar will help you learn how your firm can benefit from Microsoft Teams’ unified communications while also ensuring complete compliance with key global regulations. Experts from Wilmac and NICE discuss today’s compliance challenges, recording considerations, and the Microsoft certified solution that provides complete compliance assurance.









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