How Does Continuity Replay Fit into CCaaS? 

October 25th, 2022

Written by Garry White, Enterprise Information Archiving Sales Director

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We can’t stress it enough: Continuity Replay is a dynamic solution. We continue to find new use cases for different organizations from different industries that expand the opportunity to develop Continuity Replay.  

The cloud has created an entirely new voice recording and storage opportunity for Continuity Replay, especially in the cloud contact center and CCaaS space. 

In many contact centers, moving from an on-premises solution to a cloud-based solution has become a priority. The ability to seamlessly scale up or down without needing additional hardware removes a major operational and financial burden. Pay-for-what-you-use licensing models and various integrations to support work-from-home agents contribute to significant cost saving. No more maintaining an on-premises infrastructure, including servers, wires, and physical space. Agents can focus their time and energy on handling customer escalations with the use of self-service chatbots, IVR, and voice assistants. Besides that, there’s greater visibility into the customer journey with artificial intelligence and omnichannel experiences. The list of benefits goes on.  

But, long term retention of voice data can become a concern for many of these centers. With on-premise contact center platforms, organizations are in complete control of where their recordings are stored because they can put them in their own storage location, like in NAS or SAN. This storage is completely owned by them, meaning they have full access to and control of their captured recordings.  

Moving your contact center to the cloud is a different scenario.  

Because your CCaaS platform is hosted in the recording vendor’s cloud, the customer is required to store their data in that cloud. This takes away control of the organization’s recording data while also adding a line item for storage to their monthly bill.  

Continuity Replay can purge recordings out of the vendor’s cloud storage after a specified time period and send it back to the organization’s storage. All capture platforms record and store interactions in a file format particular to them, which can cause organizations problems if they ever want to use a system or business tool outside of their current vendor. Wilmac can pull the recordings from the cloud storage, convert them into an open format, and seamlessly put them into the organization’s storage location of choice. This puts the organization back in control of their voice data while also allowing them to pay their own rates for storage.  

Besides acting as a conversion tool, Continuity Replay can fit in as the search and replay tool in case any of the recordings need to be located and produced for compliance purposes. Wilmac can also help the organization manage archived recordings with retention periods, litigation hold, and other compliance challenges through Continuity Replay. The benefits of this solution go beyond sidestepping cloud storage vendor costs, and, with the support of the Wilmac team, organizations can further leverage their voice data.

From simple search and replay to more elaborate uses in CCaaS voice recording and storage, Continuity Replay was created with the ultimate goal of putting the end user back in control of their voice data. The Continuity Replay development team at Wilmac continues to welcome feedback to increase functionality of the tool and make managing recording data for organizations all over North America.   

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