Unifying best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence on an open cloud foundation, NICE CXone promises connected, intelligent, and complete CX interactions across an end-to-end journey.


Deliver exceptional customer experiences across the entire journey.


Drive success with fast, personalized, and informed agent-assisted interactions.


Build the best journeys with CX-focused, purpose-built artificial intelligence.

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What makes NICE CXone different? 

Digital Self-Service

Empower customers to solve problems faster with intelligent bots, virtual agents, and an accessible knowledge base.

Omnichannel Routing

Meet your customers at their digital entry point and guide them seamlessly along their journey across any channel.

Workforce Engagement

Equip your agents with the tools and knowledge to deliver experiences that create unmatched satisfaction.

CX Analytics

Understand what’s working and what’s not by pinpointing opportunities and identifying where you’re falling short.

AI & Automation

Ensure an exceptional CX with intelligent process optimization, helping your agents solve customer issues consistently and efficiently.

Open Cloud Platform

Scale and customize your contact center operations securely.

Why would I want NICE inContact CXone?

Robust CCaaS Suite

To efficiently adapt with the constantly changing customer preferences, you need to be able to scale quickly. With an enhanced ACD and IVR, omnichannel routing capabilities, agent assist tools, intelligent AI capabilities, and more, NICE CXone is a holistic suite that will help you improve the customer experience all in one platform.

Complete Performance

Connect and transform disparate customer interactions into a single, consolidated journey. With savvy analytical tools powered by Enlighten AI and business intelligence tools designed to clarify operational insights, you can make better-based decisions for your center.

Empowered Agents

Contact center agents have a tough job. With a knowledge base and AI-powered tools to help bring the conversation to a satisfying resolution, agents can focus on the more difficult questions while interactive self-service chatbots and voice bots handle the simple prompts.

Flexible Deployment

NICE CXone is simple to purchase, set up, and maintain, while being free of upfront equipment costs and IT complexity, unburdened by maintenance contracts, and security certified and SLA guaranteed.

Where Wilmac Technologies Specializes


By connecting all automated and human interactions along the care journey, NICE CXone improves the patient experience. Integrations with your electronic health record (EHR) system give you a complete picture of the patient experience.

Wilmac’s expertise in maintaining compliance standards while achieving business goals is critical in serving the healthcare industry.

This expertise translates into a white-glove service approach, where a team of dedicated personnel will work with you to make sure all the boxes are checked:

  • All voice and digital interactions are HIPAA- and policy-compliant
  • Agents conduct solutions-focused conversations with AI-powered real-time guidance
  • All interactions are managed from one cloud-native platform
  • Patients have seamless interactions for billing, scheduling, registration, and more

… guaranteeing an improved patient experience.

Higher Education

Understanding the student journey has never been more essential. NICE CXone offers capabilities to identify what channels and resources are impacting student decision making to drive registrations and simplify access to campus services.

Your students are your customers. Are you putting forth the effort and resources needed to satisfy and empower these students with the knowledge they need to choose the best school for them?

Wilmac Technologies has supplied campus safety with the tools they need to protect their campus for over 30 years. Now, we offer the tools needed to empower those students with the knowledge they need and higher education organizations with the ability to track the student journey:


  • Live-assist experiences with students on the channel of their choice
  • Digital self-service options
  • Student workforce management tools
  • Content engine for all necessary resources needed to make a decision

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the NICE inContact CXone product.  


White-Glove Service Provider

Wilmac Technologies is a white-glove service provider of NICE CXone, delivering a high level of personalized services with dedicated support personnel, customized solutions, and quick response times to all of our cloud contact center customers.



Available at the drop of a hat, our team is made up of experienced and tenured professionals from the contact center industry. You will have full access to the knowledge and recommendations from people who have been through these deployments many times before.

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