Next Generation 911

The public’s needs are constantly changing, and the evolution of communication methods will not slow down. Have you established your plan to become NG911-ready?


Keep up with the evolving demands of the public by upgrading to a digital or IP-based 911 system.


Create a faster, more resilient system that allows digital information to flow seamlessly from the public, through the 911 network, directly to first responders.


Gone are the days of manual processes. Seamlessly integrate your technologies and processes to make your job easier and run a smoother PSAP operation.

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Next Generation 911 

To effectively serve and protect the community, PSAPs must be able to quickly act on dangerous incidents, efficiently capture the appropriate information to understand exactly what happened, and minimize the time spent to reconstruct those incidents.

Because most 911 systems were originally built using analog technologies, PSAPs from all over North America need to be upgraded to a digital or IP-based system to keep up with the evolving demands of the public. The communication technologies that citizens use have also evolved, including greater adoption of cell phones, text and picture messaging, video chat, social media, and Voice of the Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices. Citizens expect to be able to communicate with emergency services over these new channels, causing a need for readjustment from the traditional analog-based model.

In comes the Next Generation 911 concept. The future success of 911 in serving the public’s needs will only be possible when PSAPs have transitioned to an Internet-Protocol (IP)-based system.

Doing so will enhance emergency number services by creating a faster, more resilient system that allows digital information like voice, photos, videos, and text messages to flow seamlessly from the public, through the 911 network, and eventually, directly to first responders.

What do I need to be NG911 ready?

VoIP Recording

Record Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices along with other multimedia channels to reconstruct an incident and understand the full story.


Give people the ability to send a text to reach 911 emergency dispatchers from their mobile phone or device.

CAD Integration

Search for and instantly retrieve entire incidents (including calls, radio, or test recordings) to help you surface critical performance and quality insights and fulfill record requests quicker.

Third Party Import

Import videos, pictures, and documents into your main system, so you can have more holistic and detailed incident reconstruction

Why do I need a NG911 solution?

Creates a faster, more resilient system with enhanced emergency number services

Improves the focus and value of quality assurance programs

Allows all parties to connect with a 911 operator without having to talk on the phone

Minimizes time spent on incident reconstruction and improve evidence value

Seamlessly integrates all modes of communication to create a wholesome timeline

Improves ability to manage call overload, natural disasters, and transferring

Products that are Next Generation 911-ready

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