At Wilmac Technologies, we’re dedicated to being the best in all that we do ‒ and this starts with having the best team of people.


      Find the best fit position for you: sales, engineering, marketing, services; in the continuously changing technology landscape.


      We commit ourselves to helping our employees grow professionally, personally, and technically.


      Engage with and learn from tenured industry professionals to contribute your unique ideas and experiences.

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      Working at Wilmac Technologies

      We challenge ourselves to think outside the box, creatively solve any challenges in front of us, and constantly focus on improving our skills in all areas.

      The technology industry is constantly changing, and we need adaptable and hard working individuals ready to take on the challenges that come with it.

      Working at Wilmac Technologies means joining a team of dedicated professionals who love to communicate and work together to achieve success. Our goal is to provide a fulfilling position for you to leverage your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and ultimately find happiness in coming to work every day.

      Current Openings

      Junior Software Engineer

      Work closely with our Engineering team to assist with all aspects of design and coding for our Continuity Replay solution.

      Software Engineer

      Work closely with our Engineering team to ensure product roadmap milestones are being achieved for our Continuity Replay solution.

      Senior Software Engineer

      Play a crucial role in the development and direction of our Continuity Replay solution.


      Our internships are offered on a semester basis and offer opportunities for future growth at the company.

      Sales Director

      Run all phases of the sales cycle for our Enterprise Information Archiving practice group and Continuity solutions.

      Field Service Engineer

      Work directly with our customers to implement and support compliance recording solutions.

      What does a Wilmac Technologies team member look like?


      The type of curious that wants to find the answer, even when it’s not immediately apparent.


      The ability to go from a phone call to an in-person visit to a webinar, seamlessly and appropriately, is a must.

      Constantly Learning

      Whether it’s keeping up on industry news or taking on new training, they learn just for the sake of learning.


      Every day is different. If we can help, we will, even if it’s outside the scope of what we’ve been called to do.


      Obviously ‒ and you can be formally educated, self-taught, or best, a combination of the two.


      Finding solutions is what Wilmac Technologies is all about, and solving problems is what we do best.

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