Fostering collaboration and inspiring individuals to achieve their highest potential, while driving organizational success through our unwavering commitment to excellence.


It is our responsibility to motivate our team to perform their best, driving them towards a shared vision while encouraging personal and professional growth.


We provide direction, clarity, and support to help our team navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve desired outcomes.


We trust our people’s abilities and aim to create an environment that fosters autonomy, growth, and collaboration, enabling them to reach their full potential.

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Leadership Team

Building a best-in-class company with best-in-class people.

Our leadership team represents the key components of our business: Sales, Services, Sales Engineering, Marketing, and Accounting, all who work under the umbrella of Steve McDonnell, our President & CEO.

Each comes from a different background with different experiences in the Communications Recording and Customer Experience industries, but are united by their shared passion for Wilmac Technologies and commitment to its success. 

Together and with the support of the rest of the Wilmac Technologies team, they’re leading the company into its next chapter of growth.

Stepping up as a leader can be hard—there’s no doubt about it. But we believe that every person has the ability to lead…with the right training, tools, and support. Our Leadership Team is where you’ll find all of those things!

Meet the Leadership Team

Steve McDonnell

Steve McDonnell

President & CEO

For the past two decades, Stephen “Steve” McDonnell has committed his career to forging stronger relationships with employees, customers, and partners. As a natural communicator, his path started in sales and has brought him to be President & CEO of Wilmac as of November 2022. With a passion for fostering collaboration, Steve has 10 years of direct sales experience gained from selling to large enterprises as well as experience in building sales teams. That passion translates into his leadership role at Wilmac, as he’s eager to take on new challenges and drive Wilmac towards the forefront of the technology industry.

Christina Cavaleri

Christina Cavaleri

Director of Service Operations

As a customer enthusiast, Christina Cavaleri is passionate about driving innovation and delivering outstanding experiences to customers. With a proven track record of transforming business operations, she thrives on tackling complex challenges and identifying opportunities to optimize processes and enhance customer satisfaction. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on continuous improvement, Christina is constantly seeking ways to raise the bar and exceed expectations. She stepped into her leadership role at Wilmac in 2022 and immediately made an impact on the performance and efficiency of Wilmac’s service operations, translating into greater customer outcomes.

Bob Pease

Bob Pease

Vice President of Engineering

With an impressive background in software and product development, Bob Pease has a passion for crafting innovative solutions. Now leading all development for Wilmac’s Enterprise Information Archiving solution Continuity Replay, Bob’s passion for building and scaling software development teams elevates Wilmac’s position in the market significantly. He has quick problem-solving skills and a keen ability to navigate the dynamic technology landscape. Bob stepped into his leadership role at Wilmac Tech in 2023 and had an immediate impact on Wilmac’s growth trajectory.

Ben Bowen

Ben Bowen

Director of Sales Operations

A dedicated technology enthusiast with a lifelong passion for solving problems, Ben Bowen has dedicated his career to helping customers solve complex business challenges by connecting them with the best solutions the industry has to offer. Throughout his career, Ben has worn many hats, but the one he enjoys wearing most is using sales best practices to build high performing teams.  With over 14 years’ experience in tech sales, Ben brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to his leadership role at Wilmac. As the driving force behind Wilmac’s sales team, he steers the ship toward aggressive growth, constantly seeking out opportunities to elevate customer success to new heights.

Jim Giblin

Jim Giblin

Vice President of Strategic Alliances

Responsible for Wilmac’s Partner Program, Jim Giblin committed his career to the success and growth of Wilmac in 1993. For over 30 years now, he has fine-tuned Wilmac’s partner sales strategy and helped establish the consultative, customer-first mentality that results in building mutually beneficial relationships. Jim has had a hand on the pulse of the workforce optimization industry and evolved alongside the technology Wilmac sells and supports to stay on top of the latest industry trends and offer the best and most valuable options to partners and customers.

Joe Brienzi

Joe Brienzi


Passionate about inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential, Joe Brienzi aims to create an environment that facilitates learning. In his professional journey, Joe dedicated his career to the field of accounting and finance. After graduating with an accounting degree and an MBA from St. John Fisher University, Joe’s career path started at PwC as an auditor and later transitioned to an accounting consulting role at EY. He prides himself on his analytical skills and problem-solving abilities, which reinforce his goal to leaving a lasting impression on whoever Joe encounters both professionally and personally.

Mark Huber

Mark Huber

Director of Sales Engineering

With an impressive amount of experience in the service and design of call recording systems, Mark Huber started as a service engineer at Wilmac in 1999. His roots and technical capabilities at Wilmac run deep, as he transitioned from working on the service team, to managing that team, to developing and setting the standards for Wilmac’s sales engineers. Mark has advanced expertise in both on-premise and cloud-based recording systems, which make him well-equipped and a true advocate for the customer in identifying, designing, and implementing the best solution for their organization.

Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Director of Marketing

As a former collegiate athlete, Emily Miller dives into every position, project, and challenge she faces with a competitive mindset. Her passion for marketing stems from her creativity and love for design but is also driven by her desire to pursue excellence every day. Graduating with a master’s degree in strategic marketing from Roberts Wesleyan University, Emily stayed in Rochester, New York, to apply her skillset and kick start her career. Emily loves to find ways to make colleagues, partners, and customers feel special, and she works to create and distribute marketing content that aligns with that mentality while portraying the value of Wilmac’s offerings.

Interested in joining our team?

At Wilmac Technologies, we challenge ourselves to think outside the box, creatively solve any challenges in front of us, and constantly focus on improving our skills in all areas.

The technology industry is constantly changing, and we need adaptable and hard working individuals ready to take on the challenges that come with it.

Working at Wilmac Technologies means joining a team of dedicated professionals who love to communicate and work together to achieve success. Our goal is to provide a fulfilling position for you to leverage your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and ultimately find happiness in coming to work every day.

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