Unified Communications Recording

Effectively record and archive interactions such as voice calls, video conferences, instant messages, and screen sharing in a centralized platform to comply with regulations.


Record and store all regulated interactions like voice calls, video conferences, or instant messages for future reference.



Securely and efficiently store your recorded communications in a centralized location for easy access.


Search and access specific recordings to review conversations, analyze data, gather evidence, or comply with regulatory requirements.

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Unified Communications Recording

Your customer’s trust and your organization’s reputation are determined by your ability to consistently comply with regulatory requirements. How do you ensure 100% compliance?

Within a unified communications (UC) environment, you are expected to capture, store, and manage various forms of communication. Your UC recording solution enables you to record and archive all regulated interactions – and that list of regulated interactions grows longer with regulations like MiFID, Dodd-Frank, MAR and others.

 The importance of a UC recording solution lies in its ability to provide a complete record of interactions that take place within a UC system. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is often difficult to recall the details of a particular conversation or message exchange. With UC recording, organizations have access to an accurate and comprehensive record of all interactions including voice calls (Cisco and Avaya), Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat, and others.

Regardless of the device being used within your infrastructure, Wilmac Technologies’ Unified Communications Recording solution ensures that every interaction is securely recorded and stored and can be centrally accessed and managed in a unified interface for efficient management and access.

Providing organizations with a complete and accurate record of their communications, Wilmac Technologies’ Unified Communications Recording solutions allow you to meet regulatory obligations and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.


Benefits of adopting a Unified Communications Recording Solution

Automated, always-on recording

Controlled by policies set up for users or groups and covering all interaction scenarios, never worry about the solution not recording. 

Secure access

Access control, encryption, compliance workflows, and full audit trail of all events with customizable retention periods.

Advanced search and replay

Designed for compliance use cases, this covers all communications modes, security, governance, discovery, and user admin.


Complete compliance assurance

Automate processes around compliance assurance and reporting to prove all conversations are being captured and retained.


Reliable voice call recording

Guarantee the recording and storage of your voice calls, such as Avaya or Cisco.


Single recording platform

Access all regulated communications, including UC,  in one centralized location.

Easily integrated

Seamlessly connect with your existing Compliance Recording system.

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