Real-Time Performance Metrics

      Drive accountability by aligning and empowering employees with personalized information that helps them improve their effectiveness. Visualize your PSAP’s performance through intuitive dashboards and reports.


      Gain real-time insight into what’s happening in your center, what’s working, and what’s not.


      Find all communications related to the same incident by using dashboard maps.


      Ensure that all recorded data is reliable, accessible, and compliant through advanced analysis and verification mechanisms.

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      Real-Time Performance Metrics

      In emergency communications, what you don’t know CAN hurt you.

      Ensuring the safety of your community and retaining staff members relies heavily on your ability to provide prompt and accurate responses. However, without a firm grasp on your operations, mistakes can have disastrous consequences. The use of spreadsheets and disconnected system reports are untimely, labor intensive, prone to errors, and challenging to decipher and act upon.

      Real-time performance metrics offer a solution to these inefficiencies and the risks of hidden issues getting out of hand. By bringing together and analyzing data on your operational, phone lines, text-to-911, CAD, and quality metrics in near-real time, you now have everything at your fingertips to make informed decisions confidently. This liberates you from reporting inefficiencies and the risks of hidden issues, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

      Benefits of Real Time Performance Metrics

      Consolidate data from multiple systems

      Always know what’s performing across all personnel, agencies, and incidents

      Display metrics and schedule QA evaluations from the dashboard

      Understand root causes by drilling through metrics to underlying incident data and recordings

      Improve performance issues, knowledge gaps, and compliance violations

      Application Spotlight: NICE Inform Intelligence Center

      NICE Inform Intelligence Center is an extension of the NICE Inform product, designed to provide a complete view of performance from call taking to dispatch and on-site response.

      Consolidate data

      From CAD, telephony, radio, text-to-911, and other modules to organize metrics.

      Provide near real-time views of performance

      Across multiple dimensions like call volumes, time to answer, time to enter, durations and hold times, dispatch times, on-scene response times, and more.

      Drill down root causes

      Through charts, maps, and metrics all the way down to playback of associated audio recordings.

      Access personalized, web-based dashboards

      From PCs and mobile devices to broadcast information on TV wallboards.

      Products with Real-Time Performance Metrics

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