Customer Interaction Data Management

Effectively organize and maintain your call recordings, webchats, emails, and video data ensuring strict adherence to compliance regulations.   



Retain your recordings for your specified retention period and produce recordings quickly and efficiently if involved in an investigation. 


Choose a suitable archiving product and define your associated retention period based on legal, regulatory, and business requirements. 

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Customer Interaction Data Management

Voice data is easily forgotten due to the complexity of capturing and archiving it, along with its associated metadata.

Your calls are recorded by platforms and software in proprietary formats, making them unique to the specific recorder and difficult to access. Over time, call recording has evolved into various methods, such as TDM, VoIP, collaboration tools like turrets and radio, and newer CCaaS and cloud-based calling tools. This has led organizations to use multiple voice technologies, each recorded in different ways and formats. 

Wilmac Technologies’ call recording management solution provides a centralized platform for easy access, search, and replay of your call recordings. 

When You Need a Data Management Solution

Managing multiple recording environments

To improve efficiency and reduce complexity, consolidate your siloed data systems into a single, unified location. 

Migrating to the cloud

Take control over the storage, duration, and accessibility of your call recordings, emails, webchats, and video data as you migrate to cloud-based solutions. 


Redacting sensitive data for PCI compliance

Redact PII and PCI information from your recordings if you’re subject to information protection regulations.

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Products with Data Management Capabilities

Is your recorder nearing end-of-life or are you considering a transition to the cloud?

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