Microsoft Teams Recording

      Empower your organization to effortlessly capture, store, analyze, and diligently verify all your regulated communications and interactions conducted through MS Teams.


      Collect and securely store all regulated Microsoft Teams communications.



      Maintain an accurate record of your organization’s communications for regulatory compliance purposes.


      Ensure that all recorded data is reliable, accessible, and compliant through advanced analysis and verification.

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      Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording

      Microsoft Teams is changing the way we work and communicate both inside and outside our organizations.

      However, in today’s regulatory landscape, organizations face stringent requirements to ensure compliance and maintain records of their Microsoft Teams communications. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe consequences, including legal penalties and reputational damage. 

      An MS Teams Compliance Recording solution addresses compliance needs specifically for Microsoft Teams-based communications. This advanced recording system enables organizations to capture, record, analyze, and verify all types of communications conducted through Microsoft Teams, including voice calls, video conferences, chat conversations, and screen sharing activities.

      Regardless of the device being used, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, Wilmac Technologies’ solution ensures that every interaction within Microsoft Teams is securely recorded and stored, and can be centrally accessed and managed in a single interface.

      Providing organizations with a complete and accurate record of their communications, a Microsoft Teams Recording solution allows them to meet regulatory obligations and mitigate the risk of non-compliance.


      Benefits of Microsoft Teams Recording


      Supports all communication modalities

      Seamless recording, archiving, and retention of regulated communications.


      Complete compliance assurance

      Automate processes around compliance assurance and reporting to prove all conversations are being captured & retained.


      Single recording platform

      Access Zoom recordings, UC, messaging, trading, mobile, and IP telephony environments in one centralized location.

      Easily integrated

      Seamlessly connect with your existing Compliance Recording system.

      Automated, always-on recording

      Never worry about the solution not recording. It is controlled by policies set up for a user or group and covers all interaction scenarios.

      Secure access

      Securely access control, encryption, compliance workflows, and full audit trail of all events with customizable retention periods.

      Advanced search and replay

      Designed for compliance use cases, this covers all communications modes, security, governance, discovery, and user admin.

      Flexible deployment options

      Our Microsoft Teams Recording solution can be deployed in a hosted, cloud, or hybrid environment.

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