Continuity Replay Cloud

Are your call recordings locked in a proprietary format? Continuity Replay Cloud converts your customer interaction data into an accessible format and stores it in a browser-based user interface for search and replay.


Pull proprietary and encrypted data from your legacy or production platform and ingest it into Continuity Replay Cloud. 


Securely store your call recordings, webchats, emails, videos, and associated metadata in a unified interface.

Search & Replay

Use the search screen to locate and replay recordings, as well as view emails, texts, chats, and more. 

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Continuity Replay Cloud: What You Need To Know  

Vendor Agnostic

Supports data ingestion from any telephony, contact center, or data storage platform, eliminating data silos. 

Regulatory Compliance

Designed for industries with strict retention requirements, including banking, financial services, healthcare, and insurance. 

Comprehensive Archiving

Archives various customer interaction types such as voice, email, chat, IM, video, screenshare, SMS, social media, document sharing, and CRM data. 

Cost Reduction

Regularly pull production data to reduce costs and reliance on vendor-provisioned storage.

The Benefits of Having a Cloud-Based Data Archival Solution

Centralize your customer interaction data

Move data from different storage locations into one portal to manage the costs more effectively.  

Decommission your legacy environment

No need or reliance to maintain any legacy applications or databases.  

Encryption at every point

with customer-managed keys. We secure your data; we don’t lock it down. 

Minimize risk attached to legacy files

Easily manage and automate the retention periods associated with your customer interaction data.


With built-in connectors to production systems – cloud-based or otherwise.  

Reduce cloud storage costs & reliance on vendors

Data from your cloud contact center platform can be managed and archived instead of being stored within vendor-provisioned storage.  

Simplify user access

and reduce the amount of time taken in replay requests with customizable search and replay criteria.  

Future-proofed platform

As your recording systems change, your archival solution does not need to. 

Features of Continuity Replay Cloud


  • Search & Replay
  • User Management
  • Encryption
  • Manual Download
  • External Data Storage
  • Email sharing
  • Add Notes
  • Customizable Splash Screen


  • Retention Purge
  • Legal Hold
  • Bulk Export
  • Configurable Data Lifecycle Management
  • Alerts on Download, Legal Hold, & more
  • Segmentation Stitching

Production Connectors (APIs)

  • Genesys Connector 
  • Cisco/Avaya Connector
  • Amazon Connect Connector
  • Zoom Connector
  • NICE CXone Connector
  • Five9 Connector 

Common Uses for Continuity Replay Cloud

Decommission Legacy Recording Systems

Extract your recordings off your on-prem system without paying a hefty fee for bulk export.

Consolidate Siloed Data Systems

Manage your recordings from your on-prem and production platforms in a unified interface.

Where Wilmac Technologies Specializes

Transitioning call recording vendors

Companies moving from one vendor to another must be able to archive and access the call recordings they are required to retain.

Multiple call recording vendor environments

Companies with multiple recording environments (through mergers & acquisitions or multiple modalities) want to simplify their call recording storage.

Long-term retention requirements

Lengthy retention periods or multiple retention periods can make data storage and accessibility extremely complicated.

Production, or cloud-based, environment

Have full control of where your call recording data is stored, how long it’s stored, and how you can access it by extracting it regularly from your CCaaS platform.


Third-Party application integration

Since the call recordings are now in an open format, you can integrate with other third-party applications like analytics, transcription, and reporting.

“What a great solution! We finally found a fit for many of our customers to hold onto their legacy data and audio, encrypted or not. Continuity Replay is a very competitive solution – we no longer have to rely on Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) vendors and their extraction services. Continuity Replay is flexible and adaptable, regardless of what the customers’ needs may be. Our customers love it!”

Chuck Branum
Business Development Manager at C1

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