Technology is changing at an astronomical rate ‒ and with this comes endless opportunities for your organization to grow, improve, and thrive. Is your team equipped to take advantage?


Optimize your systems, remove bottlenecks, and improve workflows to enhance productivity and performance.


Let us implement new and creative ideas and approaches to help you get the most out of your solution.


Create a unified and cohesive experience for users, enabling them to interact and exchange data more efficiently.

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Wilmac Technologies Services & Support

Driving results and resolving issues… no matter what you’re up against.

When challenges and new projects arise, Wilmac Technologies will be there to deliver steadfast Communications Recording and Customer Experience solutions and services for your unique enterprise.

From start to finish, our team of professional and technical experts will help you understand, navigate, and adapt to the evolving digital landscape – always getting your organization where you want it to be.

Offering round-the-clock international support, we provide on-premise, cloud-based, and remote services and support for our customers when and where they need us most.

Sales Engineering

We work to understand customer requirements, demonstrate product capabilities, and build trust with the customer in order to deliver the most appropriate solution for your organization.

Professional Services

From project management to Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs), Wilmac Technologies approaches the entire pre-sales process with extremely detailed and tailored professional services.

Managed Services

Whether you’re facing budget limitations, a lack of internal resources, or little 24/7 support, Wilmac Technologies provides leading expertise, guidance, and customizable managed services.

Consulting Services

Ensure an accurate discovery-and-solution design process with objective experts committed to finding the best solution fit for your enterprise and its people.


Maintain the quality and efficiency of your system with routine, flexible, and reliable care from our team of experts. Open a support ticket and guarantee a prompt response.

About our Service Team

If there’s anything we can control, it’s the effort we put into supporting our customers. Our service team has been dedicated to driving results and resolving issues for our customers for over 30 years.


30+ Years Experience in Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Wilmac Technologies entered the WFO realm in 1992, and have since become a leader in providing mission-critical communications recording and customer experience technologies to businesses globally.


Experienced & Tenured Professionals

Our service team has been in the industry for a long time. We listen to our customers, their issues, and their success stories, fully equipping our team with the knowledge and confidence they need to handle any challenge head on.


Tier-Three Trained

Our field service engineers are all tier-three trained, meaning they are able to handle complex technical issues, provide advanced troubleshooting and support, and design and implement advanced solutions. 


Expertise in Industry-Leading Technology

With many industry-leading partners, our service team has gotten the best training and exposure to the ins and outs of many different and complex solutions.


Accessible Solutions to Your Problems

Wilmac Technologies’ team of professional and technical experts span four service hubs in North America. With a combined tenure in the industry of over 100 years, our service team has a plan of action prepared for any issue that may arise.

Services & Support for Every Challenge & New Opportunity

As a global provider of Communications Recording and Customer Experience solutions for contact centers, regulated institutions, and public safety organizations, Wilmac Technologies has the skills and know-how to empower your organization now and into the future.

Our customers mean the world to us. Register for our Customer Connect portal to gain access to regular security updates and resources designed to keep you and your solution up-to-date.

Our service team is available 24/7 and is fully committed to making sure your solution is working the way it’s supposed to. Open a support ticket so we can help you solve your issue.

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