Continuity Automated

Extract and convert your call recordings for archiving or ingestion into a third party application on a regular basis, letting you leverage your voice data for greater insight than your capture platform permits.


Regularly export audio directly from the archives of your recording platform daily, weekly, or monthly.


Don’t limit yourself to your recording vendor’s toolset. Utilize your third-party platform of choice.


Elicit insights from your call recordings that can then be used to improve your business operations.

Utilize tools beyond your call recording platform. Let’s talk! >>

What makes Continuity Automated different? 

Customizable timetable

Depending on what you want to do with your call recordings, you can automate extraction & conversion from your platform on your time.

Automted extraction & conversion

When new voice files appear, the Continuity Automated software is automatically triggered to initiate the conversion process.

Flexible deployment

Utilize Continuity Automated in both legacy and production environments, but it is typically run in the cloud.

Vendor agnostic

Ingest audio and metadata from most recording and CCaaS platforms.

Use your platform of choice

Your call recordings are stored in a proprietary format, which limits what kind of tools you can use on your voice data.

Use Continuity Automated to put your voice data to work


Analyze the quality of customer interactions, gain a deeper understanding of customer experiences, and assess agent performance.

Business Intelligence

Extract valuable insights and support data-driven decision making by using a BI tool to visualize the insights garnered from your call recordings.


Monitor and analyze your call recordings to maintain compliance, minimize risk, and ensure employees are following proper procedures.


Generate insightful, informative, and customizable reports for your call recording data.


Convert spoken conversations into written text for record-keeping, compliance, quality, and search purposes.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work for your bottom line.  


Extensive Industry Experience

Wilmac Technologies specialized in selling and supporting recording platforms since our start in 1957. With over 65 years of experience, we’ve witnessed the different situations businesses face when it comes to managing and utilizing their voice data.


Customer Demand

Our Continuity product suite was born out of customer requests in 2015 and is continually being developed to adapt with the changing needs of businesses. A common theme we heard from our customers: they wanted to have the option of using other applications to garner insights from their call recordings.


Data Access

We can unlock your data and give you access to it… why not put it to work? With Wilmac Technologies and our Continuity Automated solution, we work with you to get what you need out of your call recordings.

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