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      IVA vs. IVR: What’s the Difference?

      IVA vs. IVR: What’s the Difference?

      We are glued to our smart devices, and we’ve become more accustomed to interacting with them through voice. When was the last time you said, “Hey Alexa,” “Hey Siri,” or “Hey Google...” It was probably pretty recent, right?  Besides being able to speak to them in a...

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      Why Work with Wilmac Technologies?

      Put our expertise to work for your bottom line.


      30+ Years Experience in Workforce Optimization (WFO)

      Wilmac Technologies entered the WFO space in 1992 and have since become a leader in providing mission-critical technologies to businesses globally.


      Experienced and Tenured Industry Professionals

      Our evolution in this industry has involved working with clients in banking, healthcare, insurance, higher education, retail, and more. With this wealth of knowledge, we have a firm grasp on the best solutions for each industry.


      Solution-focused Service Team

      Wilmac Technologies’ team of professional and technical experts, all tier-three trained, span four service hubs in North America. With a combined industry tenure of over 100 years, our service team has a plan of action prepared for any issue that may arise.


      Premier Partners of Industry-Leading Vendors

      Partnering with NICE, Verint, and Calabrio for over 30 years, we have high expectations for who we partner with and what solutions we put present.


      In-House Development of EIA Products

      After reselling best-of-breed solutions for many years, our customers came to us with the problem of accessing and managing their voice data. Our familiarity with the industry initiated our software development efforts and continues to progress.


      Solutions for Every Unique Communications Need

      Through a consultative approach, we comprehensively evaluate your situation to provide the most factual, well-thought out solution that will influence your organization well into the future.

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