Enterprise Information Archiving

Your communications data has to be maintained for compliance, quality, and business intelligence purposes – how do you capture, archive, and leverage that data while complying with regulations and adopting new technologies?


Capture and gain access to your organization’s voice, webchat, email, & video data and apply it in more ways than one.


Convert proprietary audio files, decrypt your data, decommission legacy systems, and use search & replay to ensure compliance.


Bring your organization’s legacy and cloud communications data into one unified platform for easy access.

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What is Enterprise Information Archiving?

With thousands, millions, even billions of communication data files, how do you manage that data effectively?

Our journey to becoming an Enterprise Information Archiving solution provider started with a problem: our customers couldn’t access their voice data.

Your organization has years of phone calls recorded and archived that must be retained for compliance. Beyond call recordings, it can span to additional forms of communication that have become more prevalent in contact centers, trading floors, and 9-1-1 centers like email, webchat, screen recordings, text, and video.

This data can be further leveraged to drive actionable insights and help you make informed and powerful decisions for your organization.

But, gaining access to and navigating years of this data is burdensome and inefficient.

At Wilmac Technologies, we make it easy for you to access YOUR communication data (and all of its associated metadata) from various telephony, contact center, or data storage platforms. Simply put, we extract, convert, and streamline it into one search & replay platform.

With a forward-thinking development team, our Data Management and Archiving solutions are constantly being improved to better serve your compliance needs. No more relying on expensive bulk extractions from your vendor, or utilizing multiple interfaces for search and replay. Simple and secure, our solutions put you in control of your data.


The Benefits of Using our Enterprise Information Archiving Solution

One Consolidated Platform

Store and retrieve years of customer calls, emails, webchats, & videos with confidence & ease.

Flexible & Secure Data Extraction

Convert, decrypt, migrate, and securely store your communication data without worry.

Face Conversion Challenges

Convert proprietary recordings from decommissioned systems and gain valuable insight.

Successful Compliance

Minimize risk and restore your peace of mind so you can focus on what matters most.

Capitalize on Search & Replay

Search through your recordings with customizable criteria and replay conversations to obtain the data you need.

Empower your organization with versatile

Data Management products & solutions.

Enterprise Information Archiving Products

Enterprise Information Archiving Solutions

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