Conversational AI

Give customers what they want – faster service and a better experience – with conversational AI voice and chatbots for self-service.


Boost operational efficiency 24/7 with virtual agents that serve customers around the clock.


Build a bot or bring your own, we’ve got you covered when it comes to orchestrating amazing conversational experiences.


Bots collect information upfront, eliminating blind transfers and empowering agents to deliver more personalized service.

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Conversational AI

Your customers have high expectations – how can you exceed them? With Conversational AI, deploy a smarter self-service strategy with virtual agents for improved CX and faster service.

Your organization is handling thousands, if not millions, of customer service interactions – how can you increase the operational efficiency of your contact center and improve your customer experience?

With the increased development of intelligent voicebots and chatbots, implementing conversational AI into your cloud contact center suite makes you available 24/7/365 to answer customer questions through intuitive self-service options.

As Customer Experience experts, Wilmac Technologies can help you leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to provide better options for your customers to solve their problems on their own and free up your agents to focus on higher-value interactions.

Wilmac Technologies takes a consultative approach to help you understand and achieve your contact center’s self-service goals and works with you to build and deploy your bot with ease.

Benefits of utilizing a Conversational AI solution

Serve more customers at a lower cost

Free up your agents to focus on higher-value interactions

Collect and analyze rich content and data

Eliminate endless voice prompts and blind transfers

Fully resolve customer support needs

Industry-Leading Products with Conversational AI

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