Turret Recording

Seamlessly enable the capturing, recording, secure storage, and efficient management of critical audio communications that occur on turrets, ensuring adherence to regulatory mandates.


Record audio communications conducted on turrets, ensuring all conversations are documented and stored for future reference.


Securely place the recorded communications in a centralized repository, preserving the integrity and accessibility of the data for compliance, auditing, and investigative purposes.


Allow authorized personnel to retrieve and access specific recorded conversations as needed.

Remain compliant by recording all the turrets on your trading floor. Let’s talk! >>

Turret Recording

Voice communication plays a vital role in the trading workflow when conducting financial transactions.

Trading turrets are still heavily used to ensure seamless interactions among traders and broker dealers. Wilmac Technologies will help you tackle increasing regulatory demands by recording, retaining, monitoring, and retrieving trader calls from market-leading dealer board platforms from our partners.

Wilmac Technologies’ trading turret recording solution will help your business capture interactions associated with the trading lifecycle via leading turret and intercom platforms to meet relevant rules for records retention, monitoring, and reporting under financial regulations.

Designed to work with trader voice environments and strengthen adherence for your trading floor, Wilmac Technologies’ communications compliance offerings are there to make sure your operations are scalable, reliable, available, centralized, and secure.

Benefits of Turret Recording

Regulatory compliance

Meet regulatory requirements by capturing and storing audio communications, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and compliance standards.

Compliance monitoring and auditing

Monitor and audit communication activities that occur on turret, ensuring compliance with internal policies and external regulations.


Risk mitigation

Mitigate the risks associated with unauthorized or non-compliant activities and provide a clear audit trail if any issues arise.

Transaction verification

Verify trade-related conversations, ensuring accuracy in all financial and regulated transactions.

Operational insight

Gain valuable insights into communication patterns, customer interactions, and market trends to leverage to optimize business operations.

Security and compliance

Ensure the recorded audio remains confidential and tamper-proof to maintain data integrity and protect sensitive information.

Key Features of Turret Recording Solutions

Multi-line Recording

Search and Replay Functionality

High-quality Audio Recording

Playback and Review

Encryption and Security

Integration with Communications Systems

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