NICE NTR-X

      A fully integrated, cloud-ready omnichannel compliance recording and assurance solution through the combination of NICE NTR and NICE Compass.



      Capture all your regulated employee traditional, unified, and mobile communications to ensure compliance with all global regulations.


      Proof all your regulated employees and the communication devices they use are being recorded.


      Add or remove modules based on the specific needs of your organization.

      Ensuring 100% compliance shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s talk! >>

      What makes NICE NTR-X different?

      Compliance Recording & Assurance

      Minimize the possibility of a regulatory violation or audit by ensuring that all endpoints are recording before the start of the trading day and are actively detecting any unrecorded calls.

      Microsoft Teams Recording

      Capture, record, analyze, and verify all your MS Teams-based communications like voice, video, chat, and screen sharing across all devices, and access the data in one centralized interface.

      Mobile Phone Recording

      Securely monitor and capture mobile phones and electronic communications to remain compliant with the regulations of trading regulations like MiFID II.

      Zoom Recording

      Record and archive all regulated employee voice communications for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.

      WhatsApp & WeChat Call Recording

      From trading floors to advisory services, financial organizations have adopted mobile applications like WhatsApp and WeChat as modes of communication. Record and archive all regulated communications.

      Trader Voice Transcription

      Eliminate manual processes around the transcription of large volumes of calls for complex investigations.

      Why would I want NICE NTR-X?

      Reduce compliance risk

      With real-time recording reconciliation, check for missing or partially recorded communications and be automatically notified if something isn’t working.

      Automate processes

      Save time by automating processes around compliance assurance and reporting and responding to regulatory requests.

      Central management of all communications

      Utilize Continuity Automated in both legacy and production environments, but is typically run in the cloud.

      Remote workforce ready

      Record all communication modalities of your traders, no matter where they’re located.

      Open API’s

      Your call recordings are stored in a proprietary format, which limits what kind of tools you can use on your voice data.

      Why Wilmac Technologies?

      Put our expertise to work with the NICE NTR-X product.


      Experience in the Regulatory Landscape

      We have worked with financial institutions and trading floors as a premier partner, vendor, and service provider for over 30 years and we understand the urgency associated with maintaining compliance.


      Stay Up-to-date!

      As the communication landscape becomes more complex, financial organizations are expected to stay up-to-date with the regulations surrounding each. Let us do the work for you so you can react to the changing regulatory landscape accordingly.


      Valuable Guidance for your Organization

      Armed with an industry-leading solution like NTR-X, Wilmac Technologies provides valuable guidance to map out what kind of recording modules your organization requires and are available 24/7 to address any issues that might arise.

      Learn more about NTR-X by downloading the product brochure:
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