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      Wilmac Technologies provides support and upgrade recommendations for a multitude of call recorders and workforce engagement management products.  


      Capture and gain access to your organization’s data to comply with retention periods.


      We offer guidance, options, and support on how to manage your discontinued products and associated data. 


      Retire your legacy platforms and find the next best-fit solution to reduce risk and costs.

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      Discontinued NICE Products

      Call recording vendor NICE continues to release new products into the market, so more of their older versions are being discontinued and nearing end-of-life. These products’ spare parts and the support NICE offers are also phased out accordingly. 

      Wilmac Technologies has been a premier provider of NICE products for over 30 years. If your NICE call recorder or workforce engagement management product has been discontinued, Wilmac Technologies can help support it and offer vendor agnostic recommendations for the best upgrade for your organization. 

      These are the NICE-branded products we have experience supporting. If you don’t see your recorder, please contact us with your requirements and we will be in touch shortly.  

      NICE Back-Office WFM

      The NICE Back-Office Workforce Management product was designed to help organizations optimize and manage their workforce in non-customer-facing or back-office environments. 

      NICECall Focus I

      NICECall Focus I is an obsolete recording system and transitioning to a new recording platform is highly recommended. 

      NICECall Focus II

      NICECall Focus II is obsolete and was discontinued from the NICE product range. 

      NICECall Focus III

      NICECall Focus III is an obsolete recording system with call management and monitoring capabilities for contact centers. 

      NICECLS v8.8, 8.9, 9.0

      NICECLS versions 8.8, 8.9, and 9.0 offer advanced capabilities to capture and analyze customer interactions, enhancing service quality in contact centers. 

      NICE Engage v6.x, 7.x

      NICE Engage helps organizations capture, analyze, and manage interactions across various communication channels, such as phone, emails, chat, and more. 

      NICE IEX Workforce Management

      NICE IEX WFM is a solution designed to help you tackle your most challenging and complex contact center staffing and employee engagement challenges. 

      NICE Inform

      Empower your public safety organization with a next generation recording and incident intelligence solution to effortlessly capture, store, analyze, and leverage critical incident data. 

      NICE Interaction Management (NIM)

      NICE Interaction Management enables you to seamlessly capture, store, analyze, and harness customer interaction data for enhanced performance and decision-making. 

      NICELog v7, 8.8, 9.0

      NICELog versions 7, 8.8, and 9.0 are call recording and logging solutions that are now discontinued and considered obsolete.   

      NICELog v8.9

      NICELog version 8.9 is obsolete and no longer supported by NICE. 

      NICE Mirra Series II

      NICE Mirra Series II is a call recording and quality monitoring solution that caters to contact centers and compliance-focused organizations. 

      NICE Perform v1.x, 2.x, 3.x

      NICE Perform v1.x, 2.x, and 3.x is a legacy NICE call recording solution that is end of life and no longer supported by NICE. 

      NICE Perform Compliance

      NICE Perform Compliance helps regulated industries maintain strict adherence to compliance standards by capturing, archiving, and monitoring employee communications. 

      NICE Perform eXpress v1.0, 2.1, 3.0

      NICE Perform eXpress versions 1.0, 2.1, and 3.0 measures, monitors, and manages employee performance. 

      NICE Performance Management

      NICE Performance Management leverages advanced analytics and data-driven insights to measure, monitor, and improve employee performance. 

      NICE Real-Time Guidance Optimization

      NICE Real-Time Guidance Optimization harnesses analytics, AI, and automation to provide real-time insights, designed to drive better outcomes through continuous employee guidance. 

      NICE Recording eXpress (NRX) v5.x, 6.x

      NICE Recording eXpress (NRX) is a recording solution designed to ensure regulatory compliance and provide operational insights for various industries. 

      NICE Trading Recording (NTR) v5.x, 6.x

      NICE Trading Recording, or NTR, is designed for financial institutions to ensure comprehensive communication data capture. 

      NICE Universe

      NICE Universe is a web-based platform designed for large-scale and multi-site operations that offers secure remote access to recorded calls over the Internet.   

      NICE Wordnet Series III

      NICE Wordnet Series III captures and store phone calls, providing a comprehensive solution for compliance, quality monitoring, and business insights. 

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      Discontinued Verint Products

      As Verint continues to release new products, their older versions are becoming discontinued, along with spare parts and support.  

      Wilmac Technologies has been a premier provider of Verint products for over 20 years. If your Verint call recorder or workforce engagement management product has been discontinued, we can help support it and offer vendor agnostic recommendations for the best upgrade for your organization. 

      This section covers the Verint-branded products Wilmac Technologies offers support for. If you don’t see your product, please contact us with your requirements and we will be in touch shortly.  

      Verint Audiolog

      Also known as Mercom, Verint Audiolog captures, stores, and analyzes interactions in contact centers, public safety organizations, and other industries. 

      Verint Impact 360 Call Recording

      Used by contact centers to capture multi-channel interactions, Verint Impact 360 Call Recording has been replaced by Verint Intelligent Call Recording and Verint Financial Compliance. 

      Verint Impact 360 WFM

      Formerly Witness Actionable Solutions, Verint Impact 360 WFM is used in customer service environments to plan, forecast, and schedule employees to enhance operational efficiency. 

      Verint Ultra

      Formerly Comverse Ultra, Verint Ultra is a recording system used by public safety organizations for emergency response. 

      Other Discontinued Products We Support

      There’s more! There are many other technology vendors that have older versions that have been discontinued.  

      Wilmac Technologies has experience in working with many different call recorders and WEM products. This section covers a range of different vendors, including discontinued Calabio, Genesys, Motorola, and more. 

      If you don’t see the product you need support for, please contact us with your requirements and we will be in touch shortly. 

      ASC Marathon Evolution

      ASC telecom’s Marathon Evolution is a universal communications recording solution for financial institutions, contact centers, and public safety organizations. 

      ASC Neo

      ASC’s Neo Suite is an omnichannel recording solution designed for users to increase service quality, protect their regulated assets, and react optimally in emergency situations. 

      Audix Voicemail

      Audix Voicemail is a unified messaging system commonly used for providing voicemail services in various corporate and business environments. 

      Blue Pumpkin

      Providing workforce management solutions for contact centers, Blue Pumpkin had software designed to optimize staffing, scheduling, and performance to improve operational efficiency. 

      Calabrio ONE v9.5, 10.4

      Contact center platform Calabrio ONE has reached end-of-support and end-of-life for several of its on-premises versions. 


      Now known as NTR or NRX, CyberTech voice recording solutions are designed to ensure compliance and security in regulated industries. 

      Dictaphone Guardian

      Dictaphone Guardian is a voice logging recorder commonly used in the public safety space, particularly in 911 centers. 

      Dictaphone Freedom

      Dictaphone Freedom offers voice recording and search and replay capabilities for contact centers, financial services, and public safety centers. 

      Enghouse Interactive

      Enghouse Interactive is designed for contact centers to capture, store, manage, and leverage interactions between customers and agents. 


      As a recording solution for public safety organizations, Eventide effectively records and archives all mission-critical interactions. 

      Eyretel E500, E1000

      Eyrtel E500 and Eyretel E1000 voice loggers capture and archive interactions across contact center environments. 

      Eyretel Mediastore

      Eyretel Mediastore is an archiving product designed to store call recordings safely and securely for compliance with retention periods. 

      Genesys PureConnect

      As a contact center management tool, Genesys PureConnect is designed to create positive customer engagements for enterprise level organizations. 

      Motorola MCC7500 IP Radio Logger

      Motorola Radio Loggers are specialized recording systems for capturing and managing radio communications in the public safety sector. 


      OAISYS is an on-premises workforce engagement management tool used by contact centers for recording, quality management, and more. 


      As a workforce optimization tool, Qfiniti is a centrally managed platform for multichannel interaction analysis in the contact center setting. 

      Racal Mirra

      Racal Mirra is a recording solution designed specifically for military, security, and defense organizations. 

      Racal Wordnet Series I

      Racal Wordnet Series I is an obsolete multichannel recorder  

      Racal Wordnet Series II

      Racal Wordnet Series II is an obsolete multichannel recorder from Racal, who was acquired by NICE  

      RedBox Recorders (or RedBox Quantify)

      Red Box Recorders offer a range of call recording and voice capture solutions, including Red Box Quantify. 


      Revcord’s multimedia recording and logging solutions are commonly used by public safety organizations in their mission critical environments. 

      Talking Technology Bigmouth

      Talking Technology Bigmouth is an ACD and IVR solution used by contact centers for call routing. 


      Acquired by Calabrio in 2019, Teleopti is a comprehensive workforce management tool used by contact centers. 

      Uptivity (formerly CallCopy)

      Uptivity is a customer experience management and WFO solution, helping organizations enhance customer service, agent performance, and insights into customer interactions. 


      VPI, or Voice Print International, sold a range of recording, workforce management, and analytics tools to contact centers before being acquired by NICE. 

      Weston Digital Audionet

      Weston Digital Audionet is a voice recording solution used by contact centers for compliance and quality purposes. 


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