Public Safety

When an emergency call comes in, lives are on the line. Every second counts. See everything exactly as it happened with a robust public safety recording platform.


Future-proof your PSAP operations, reconstruct incidents, and record, store, and replay data from all mission-critical communications.


Pinpoint where your public safety center stands ‒ and where it falls short of protecting the greater community.


Equip your public safety center with robust, best-of-breed Next Generation 9-1-1 technology and Incident Intelligence solutions.

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Public Safety

When each second is critical, your public safety center needs to effectively respond and communicate across any and all wireless channels.

Are your multimedia channels ready to respond to an overwhelming amount of data and help your dispatchers and first responders take the appropriate action?

Does your organization have a mission-critical infrastructure that’s unified to improve safety and streamline your operations?

Are you able to gather all multichannel evidence and provide an objective, chronological view of an incident?

Wilmac Technologies is ready to empower your PSAP’s existing infrastructure and bring order to the chaos of digital evidence by customizing and integrating Recording and Incident Intelligence solutions that are designed specifically for your community’s emergency needs.

Because Wilmac Technologies provides ongoing services and support, your emergency communication center will always be ready to handle the next challenge and reliably serve and protect the greater community.

Productive Public Safety Recording Solutions



Identify outdated PSAP recording processes & futureproof your Emergency Communications by integrating NG9-1-1 technology & solutions.



Capture your mission-critical audio & multimedia data with audio, screen, text-to-911, & other wireless Recording sources.


Record entire incidents, ensure your voice data is easily accessible for investigations, & securely archive historical data after a retention period expires.


Search & Replay

Reconstruct incidents in detail, reveal valuable data, & share information with prosecutors, law enforcement, and the public ‒ efficiently & accurately.

Manage & Access

Fulfill your mission-critical needs & make informed decisions that enhance your PSAP’s emergency response & minimize employee turnover rate.

Reliable and resilient recording and incident intelligence…

Because your PSAP is a lifeline.
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