NICE Inform

Empower your public safety organization with a next generation recording and incident intelligence solution to effortlessly capture, store, analyze, and leverage critical incident data.


Improve your PSAP operations today while also preparing for the future.


Instantly find all 911, radio, and text calls associated with incidents for investigations and perform evaluations in half the time.


See your performance metrics and identify issues early so you can meet your performance targets and improve emergency response.

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What makes NICE Inform different? 

Record NG911 Audio, Screen, and Text-to-911

Log 911 and VoIP calls, radio traffic, screen recordings, text-to-911, videos, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data, and locations from geographic information systems (GIS) to cover all your bases with Inform Multimedia Recorder.

Multimedia Incident & Evidence Management

Reconstruct the who, when, and where of an incident by synchronizing information from multiple channels. Inform Organizer stores incident evidence for centralized and secure access, while Inform Media Player ensures accuracy, authenticity, and integrity of the data.

Quality Assurance

Inform Evaluator enables users to evaluate everything from a single interaction to a complex incident. Inform Reporter allows emergency centers to monitor and improve performance and quality through customizable reports.

Real-Time Performance Metrics

Combine data from CAD, telephony, radio, and Inform Evaluator to provide near real-time dashboards of performance across the metrics that matter most to your PSAP.

Audio Analytics

Inform Audio Analytics allows you to search on spoken keywords and phrases across all calls while continuously monitoring and categorizing calls related to topics of interest.

Real-time Decision Support

Inform Monitor provides near real-time monitoring of multiple channels while Inform Verify enables instant replay of the last recordings over a search period.

What would I want NICE Inform? 


Create a faster, more resilient system that allows digital info like voice, photos, videos, and text messages to flow seamlessly through the 911 network.

Enhanced Incident Response

Respond quickly and effectively to incidents with real-time situational awareness.

Accurate Record Keeping

Capture multimedia interactions, including audio, video, and text to provide a complete record of incidents.

Improved Collaboration

Share information and intelligence seamlessly, facilitating collaboration between different teams and agencies.

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into incidents and identify trends through advanced analytics capabilities.

Compliance & Legal Support

Provide a complete and accurate record of incidents that can be used as evidence in court to comply with regulations.

Where Wilmac Technologies Specializes

Northeastern United States

Our United States-based Public Safety territory spans the northeastern part of the country, serving PSAPS in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, and Western Massachusetts.

Southeastern Canada

Wilmac Technologies Canada is a Public Safety solutions provider to the province of Ontario, Canada, serving all nine of the Greater Toronto area PSAPs and beyond.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the NICE Inform product.  


Industry Experience & Reputation

Wilmac Technologies has been selling to and supporting Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) for over 30 years, developing deep relationships with each of our customers and providing guidance and personalized support for each.


Service Coverage

Our service hubs span four locations (Rochester NY, New York NY, New Castle DE, and Toronto ON) that allow for quick remote or on-site assistance for our customers.

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