Incident Recording & Reconstruction

Streamline your incident reconstruction process and enhance operational efficiency with tools designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of manually gathering and consolidating data.


Remove the hurdle of data silos and manual work so you can reconstruct incident timelines faster and more thoroughly.

Play Back

Automatically combines multimedia, CAD data and geo-maps for synchronized playback.


Protect the chain of custody with secure sharing of multimedia content.

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Incident Recording & Reconstruction

A critical component of public safety is the ability to assemble, debrief, and distribute information efficiently.

With Multichannel Information Capture solutions, you can future-proof your PSAP operations in the NG9-1-1 ecosystem, reconstruct incidents, and record, store, and replay data from all mission-critical communications:

  • 911 / NG911 calls (legacy CAMA / NG911 SIP Trunking)

  • Radio transmissions (P25 IP Logging, Conventional Analog, & Console-based)

  • VoIP calls (Voice over IP)

  • Text messages

  • Videos

  • Computer-aided dispatch (CAD)

  • Locations from geographic information systems (GIS)

  • Captured desktop screens

Within this central repository of incident records, complete incident reconstruction can be achieved. Entire incident folders can be exported safely and securely to District Attorneys and investigators as encrypted, password-protected files with a self-contained media player. They can also be exported for use by other agencies and incident information can be imported directly into your incident folders.

Instead of burning and carrying CDs and DVDs to collaborate and share evidence, reconstruction is securely streamlined to result in a single source of truth for your organization.

Benefits of Incident Recording & Reconstruction

Faster and easier access into all your incident information and records

Enhanced information organization

Combine multimedia and CAD data for a comprehensive incident timeline

Full control over and more efficient distribution of incident folders

Annotate and organize information without impacting recording integrity

Faster and more accurate analysis of cross-jurisdictional incidents

Application Spotlight: NICE Inform Organizer

NICE Inform Organizer is an extension of the NICE Inform product, designed to save you time on your incident reconstruction efforts.

Keep all records in one place

No matter what channel they come from (calls, text, screen files, GIS, notes, documents, videos, etc.).

Create incident folders

Based on your organization’s most important reference information like CAD (computer aided dispatch) or case number.

Integrates with your CAD data

No matter what channel they come from (calls, text, screen files, GIS, notes, documents, videos, etc.).

Collaborate with other agencies

By importing their incident information securely into your folders.

Customize database fields

For more precise organization.

Visualize all records into one synchronized timeline

Regardless of source or media

Export encrypted incident folders

But still have the option to burn onto CDs or DVDs.

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