Zoom Recording

Effortlessly capture, store, and access a vast range of communications conducted through Zoom, enabling seamless review, in-depth analysis, and auditing to meet your specific business and compliance requirements.


Securely store various types of communications conducted in Zoom.


Create a verifiable and tamper-proof record of the Zoom meetings and interactions that occur within the platform.


Oversee and track compliance-related activities in real-time, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and policies.

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Zoom Compliance Recording 

The rise of digital transformation and hybrid work styles has opened up new avenues of communication for regulated employees.

If your company is one of the many that rely on Zoom for communication, you are probably experiencing higher productivity, faster collaboration, and better digital transformation.

However, if you work in a regulated industry like financial services, utilities, insurance, or healthcare, you should know that PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and other trading regulations require ALL communications to be recorded. This applied to Zoom communications as well.

Don’t get caught by regulatory fees and penalties because your Zoom recordings aren’t covered. If your audio, chats, and other regulated communications are expected to be recorded, you should clarify the communications recording regulations you’re subject to and consider your Zoom communications as well.

Wilmac Technologies offers Zoom Compliance Recording solutions that securely records all Zoom communications, including Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.

Benefits of Zoom Recording

Single recording platform

Access Zoom recordings, UC, messaging, trading, mobile, and IP telephony environments in one centralized location.

Complete compliance assurance

Automate processes around compliance assurance and reporting to prove all conversations are being captured & retained.


Supports all communication modalities

Seamless recording, archiving, and retention of regulated communications.

Automated, always-on recording

Never worry about the solution not recording. It is controlled by policies set up for a user or group and covers all  interaction scenarios.


Flexible deployment options

Our Zoom Recording solution can be deployed in a hosted, cloud, or hybrid environment.

Advanced search and replay

Designed for compliance use cases, this covers all communications modes, security, governance, discovery, and user admin.

Easily integrated

Seamlessly connect with your existing Compliance Recording system for a unified system.

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