Verint Financial Compliance (VFC)

Combines proven technology, automation, data-driven business intelligence, and an open architecture to help you overcome complex compliance challenges while reducing operational costs.



Capture all your regulated employee traditional, unified, and mobile communications to ensure compliance with all global regulations.


Avoid fines and reputational damage with proven technology, automation, and business intelligence designed to overcome complex compliance challenges.


Automate all monitoring and testing within your recording platform to focus your time and effort on more valuable tasks.

Adhere to regulations and find peace of mind. Let’s talk! >>

What makes Verint Financial Compliance different? 

Compliance recording

Capture and manage all voice and electronic communications, including chat, voice, text (SMS), video, file transfers, and screen share.

Records retention and data management

Archive your regulated communications and automate retention purge and litigation hold for relevant recordings.


With speech-to-text functionality, eliminate the need to manually transcribe calls for investigation and analyze trends.

Call recording assurance

Find any gaps in your compliance data and guarantee your system is properly recording.

Voice quality monitoring

Verify voice recording files are valid and of the required quality to guarantee it will meet legal and audit requirements when needed.

Ethical wall

Align with the policies, processes, and practices that your organization implemented to regulate communication channels and ensure compliance.

System check

Maintain optimal productivity across the business by ensuring that all essential systems are ready for use and operating as required at the start of the day.

Why would I want Verint Financial Compliance?

Enable compliant communications

Capture all unified communications, including voice, telephony, mobile, text messages, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Reduce compliance costs

Eliminate data silos by housing all your recordings in one location.

Enhance compliance oversight

Automate monitoring and testing to mitigate the risk of human error and free up staff to concentrate on other tasks.

Prevent compliance issues

Verify adherence to policy rules and control information exchange to mitigate the risk of misconduct, unwanted disclosures, and faulty operations.

Turn data into intelligence

Extract value from voice and electronic communications with innovative speech recognition and voice analytics technology.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the VFC product.  


Regulatory Compliance Experience

Wilmac Technologies has over 30 years of experience working with regulated industries to ensure 100% compliance and enact a proactive compliance strategy.


Customer Demand

Armed with a solution like Verint Financial Compliance (VFC), we work with you to cover all the communication channel bases and automate processes so your operations can run more efficiently.


Top Tier Managed and Professional Services

Backed by our managed and professional services, no stone is left unturned to guarantee your communication channels and regulated users are being recorded and all systems are operating smoothly.

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