Professional Services

Bringing specialized knowledge, expertise, and support to enable businesses to efficiently implement, optimize, and maximize the potential of their technology solutions.


Maximize the performance of your solution and deliver exceptional results.


Tailor the implementation, configuration, and integration of technologies to ensure a personalized approach.


Empower your team with training, support, and guidance to ensure successful adoption, utilization, and ongoing management of the solution.

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Professional Services

The traditional sales process tends to skip steps and overlook specifics.

Wilmac Technologies approaches the entire pre-sales process with careful attention to detail and the goal to carefully craft a solution that meets the business needs and technical requirements of your organization.

At the core of our business since we were founded in 1957, our Professional Services have paved the way for our reputation and influenced our mission: To design and tailor end-to-end solutions optimized to improve your business.

Our Professional Services are representative of our commitment and dedication to providing the best service and support in our industry. From designing and planning all the way to post-implementation with Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs), our Pro Services are performed and overseen by our team of trained and certified professionals, all of whom have achieved certification on the latest software versions for every system we support.

What to Expect from Wilmac Technologies’ Professional Services


Designing & Planning

Analyze business requirements, identify objectives, and create a comprehensive blueprint for the implementation of the solution Wilmac Technologies is equipping you with.

Project Management

Ensure that your Communications Recording and Customer Experience solution is successfully delivered smoothly and on time, within the defined scope and quality standards.

Implementation & Installation

Install and integrate all applications, configure your devices, migrate data, and conduct the necessary testing and validation to ensure a seamless transition from planning to use.


Get the most out of your newly implemented solution with comprehensive training designed to train users on system functionalities, best practices, workflows, troubleshooting, and any relevant customizations.


Modify and update your existing system by relocating equipment (moves), adding new components (adds), or altering existing configurations (changes) to accommodate evolving needs or address specific requirements.

Customer Connect

Our customers mean the world us.

Wilmac Technologies’ Customer Connect portal is designed to keep you in-the-know about all updates and security requirements associated with your Communications Recording and Customer Experience solutions.

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