Workforce Management

Support and enhance your agents’ everyday workflow by providing attractive scheduling options while maintaining appropriate business targets.



Equip your agents with intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.


Let your agents influence when and where they should work, all while covering service levels.


Create a real-time feedback loop with agents, ensuring the entire contact center continues to evolve skills and performance.

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Workforce Management (WFM)

The need to attract and retain high-caliber employees is intensifying. WFM is emerging as a powerful new way to elevate and sustain the customer experience.

Workforce Management (WFM) solutions are a valuable asset to any organization looking to drive better efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. Wilmac Technologies works closely with every unique client to understand their operational needs when it comes to scheduling, workforce planning, skills management, resource planning, and omnichannel forecasting. Taking a personalized, consultative approach, we’ll tailor versatile, best-of-breed WFM solutions to your contact center.

By deploying an intelligent WFM solution, you’ll gain the insight and know-how to face scheduling challenges head-on, allocate tasks to the right agents, and ultimately drive better customer experiences.

Workforce Management solutions not only streamline your scheduling process, but help you anticipate, respond, and adapt to high call volume and peak business times. That way, you have the insight to employ the most proficient and qualified agents, when and where they’re needed most ‒ all while reducing onboarding, operational, and maintenance costs and overhead in the process.

Benefits of using a Workforce Management solution

Mitigate productivity loss

Identify where you’re wasting valuable resources & adjust your scalability.

Improve your CX

Hear your customers and better understand their wants and needs.

Streamline Operations

Integrate advanced software and technology to reduce costs and enhance performance.

Inspire personal growth

Engage your employees and hone in on their strengths and weaknesses.

Anticipate new challenges

Gain the insight you need to prepare and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

Key Features of WFM Solutions

Enhanced training, coaching, and mentoring

Automated workflows

Performance management


Dynamic scheduling and forecasting

Intraday management

Products with Workforce Management Platforms

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