Calabrio WFM

Highly agile and scalable, Calabrio Workforce Management (WFM) aids contact centers in delivering seamless experiences for customers, agents, and contact center agents through intuitive forecasting and scheduling.


Give employees autonomy and flexibility no matter where they are working.


Increase transparency and communication around metrics that matter.


Intelligently monitor and manage teams and processes in the evolved world of work.

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What makes Calabrio WFM different?


Enable your frontline agents to independently rearrange their schedules, book and approve vacation time, trade shifts, and enter overtime availability while maintaining staffing-level requirements.

Personalized Dashboards

Create customized dashboards with key metrics that mean the most to your contact center. All users have access to information and up-to-date data to stay on the same page.


Educate and motivate employees with badges and scorecards. Reward top performers based on metrics important to your business like average handle time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR).

Real Time Adherence

Monitor employee status with customizable overviews and gain visibility into schedules and employee status data to make tracking adherence, adjusting schedules and maintaining service-level targets effortless.

Why would I want Calabrio WFM?

Improve Forecasting & Scheduling

Build precise forecasts that put skilled agents when and where they’re needed. Predictive forecasting and automated scheduling handles complex, multi-skill scheduling optimization in minutes.

Build Effective Staffing Models

Automatically harness historical data so you’re prepared for peaks and lulls. Respond to surges or ebbs with intraday scheduling tools to maintain optimal service levels and prevent overstaffing.

Accelerate Administrative Workflows

Use intelligent automation to offload admin tasks. Simplify approval workflows using advanced, rules-based logic. Give your managers more time to focus on agent coaching and engagement.

Engage & Retain Contact Center Agents

Enable agents to take control of their work-life balance through a convenient mobile app that lets them build schedules, move lunches and breaks, trade shifts, and make time-off requests.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the Calabrio WFM product.  


30+ Years of Experience with the Product

Wilmac Technologies began selling and supporting Calabrio WFM when it was originally Teleopti, meaning we’ve had our hands on this product for over 30 years now.


Team of Workforce Management Professionals

Specializing in Workforce Optimization (WFO) solutions, Wilmac Technologies knows the Calabrio WFM product inside and out. Our comprehensive team of WFM professionals fully dive into this product to guide clients through one of the most important aspects of their operations and minimize challenges like employee turnover.

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