Voice Data Extraction & Conversion

      When you need to produce recordings for an investigation, don’t feel like going to your call recording vendor for an expensive bulk extraction is the only option. Wilmac Technologies can securely extract your call recordings and convert them into an open file format. 


      Pull the data from your legacy or production platform one time or on a regular basis.


      Gain access to your voice data and use it as you want to in an open .wav format.


      No need to limit yourself to your call recording vendor’s platform or extraction tools.

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      Voice Data Extraction & Conversion

      It’s not uncommon for organizations to have large amounts of data archived on their legacy or production system.

      Accessing this information can be difficult due to non-functional or outdated recording systems, missing call metadata, limited search and replay function, and proprietary file formats.

      With our voice data extraction and conversion solutions, you can convert recordings into an accessible, non-proprietary format and then store them in your Enterprise Information Archiving system of choice.

      Gone are the days of being restricted to your call recording vendor’s platform and toolset or having to maintain a legacy system until the end of your retention period. Wilmac Technologies has the ability to extract and convert over 30 different proprietary formats one time or on a regular basis from your on-prem or production environment so you can have full control over your voice data.

      Benefits of adopting a Voice Data Extraction & Conversion Solution

      Unlock your call recording data

      Gain access to your call recordings by allowing us to extract them and convert them into an open .wav format for better accessibility and usage.

      Extract meaningful insights

      Leverage third party applications such as business intelligence, analytics, and reporting to turn your recordings into actionable insights.

      Store your data where you want

      No need to maintain a legacy system or have limited access to your recordings. In an open format, you have the power to choose the best solution for you.

      Comply with retention periods

      Regulated organizations must retain their call recordings for years. With your voice data in an open format, you can choose an EIA product to guarantee compliance. 

      Improved search and replay

      Converting your voice data into a searchable format enables you to quickly locate relevant conversations, saving time and effort in manual review.

      Voice Logger Formats We Work With

      ASC Marathon
      ASC Neo
      Audix Voicemail
      BT Trading Turrets with embedded voice loggers (NICE, Witness, Verint)
      CallCopy (now known as Uptivity)
      Comverse Ultra
      Dictaphone Guardian
      Dictaphone Freedom
      Enghouse Interactive
      Eyretel E500, E1000
      Eyretel Mediastore
      IPC Trading Turrets with embedded voice loggers (NICE)
      Lanier LDL416, LDL848
      Verint Audiolog (formerly Mercom)
      Motorola radio systems with embedded voice loggers (NICE)
      NICE 8.9
      NICECall Focus
      NICE Engage

      NICE Inform
      NICE Interaction Management (NIM)
      NICE NTR
      NICE Perform
      NICE Uptivity
      NICE Wordnet Series 3 (formerly Thales)
      Nortel CallPilot Voicemail
      Northern Telecom Meridian Mail Voicemail
      Racal Mirra
      Racal Wordnet
      Racal Wordnet Series 2
      Red Box Recorders
      Talking Technology Bigmouth
      Verint Ultra (formerly Comverse)
      Verint Audiolog (formerly Mercom)
      Verint Impact 360 (formerly Witness Actionable Solutions)
      Weston Digital Audionet

      Products with Voice Data Extraction & Conversion Capabilities

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