Compliance Cloud

      Combines proven technology, automation, data-driven business intelligence, and an open architecture to help you overcome complex compliance challenges while reducing operational costs.



      Ensure compliance by capturing and recording all traditional, unified, social, and mobile communications of your regulated employees.


      Keep a close eye on your company’s communications in real-time to proactively identify any compliance violations.


      Have complete confidence in meeting regulatory obligations by verifying the integrity and accuracy of your compliance recording system.

      Stay productive and competitive, regardless of where employees are working. Let’s talk! >>

      What can Compliance Cloud record?

      Record, store, search, and replay over 150 established and emerging communication types.

      Cloud phone

      Unified communications

      Mobile voice

      Text messages

      Social and Instant Messaging platforms

      Why would I want Compliance Cloud?

      Unify communications surveillance

      Surveil, capture, encrypt, store, and instantly recall all forms of voice, electronic communications, and market data in real time.

      Easily access & analyze your communications

      Automatically transcribe your voice communications to text and respond to reconstruction demands instantly.

      Enable compliant communications from everywhere

      Capture all regulated communications of your regulated users from where ever they are working.

      Reduce compliance costs

      Eliminate data silos by housing all your recordings, no matter the format, in one location.

      Enhance compliance oversight

      Automate monitoring and testing to mitigate the risk of human error and free up staff to concentrate on other tasks.

      Why Wilmac Technologies?

      Put our expertise to work with the Compliance Cloud product.  


      Experience in the Regulatory Landscape

      Wilmac Technologies has worked with financial institutions and trading floors as a premier partner, vendor, and service provider for over 30 years and we understand the urgency associated with maintaining compliance.


      Quickly adapt

      When the work-from-home movement came to fruition, these regulated industries struggled to adapt to the mobility of their workers due to the limitations of their recording platforms.


      Run your operations efficiently

      With a solution like Compliance Cloud, all compliance recording of regulated users is conducted and stored in the cloud to provide greater accessibility and scalability to these industries. Wilmac Technologies then works with you to make sure all communication channels are being recorded and processes are automated so your operations can run more efficiently.


      100% compliance, guaranteed

      Backed by our managed and professional services, no stone is left unturned to guarantee your communication channels and regulated users are being recorded and all systems are operating smoothly.

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