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Q1: Can you talk about the state of AI, specifically in contact center and customer experience technology? What’s happening?

(12 minutes)

Q2: Generative AI is an emerging trend. For those who may not fully understand it, can you walk us through it? How is it going to impact contact center/CX technology?

(3 minutes)

Q3.1: A lot of people are considering implementing AI into their organization and are in the discovery phase. What can you share about the typical customer journey when adopting AI in this space?

(8 minutes)

Q3.2: Any real-life examples you can share on how customers are using AI for contact center/CX purposes?

(17 minutes)

Q3.3: Where do you get started when considering implementing AI in your organization?

(4 minutes)

Q4: How do you address cybersecurity and confidentiality concerns around AI with customers? Can you speak more about these concerns?

(2 minutes)

Q5: What are some pitfalls to avoid when it comes to implementing AI-driven tools in the customer experience world? Any best practices, or tips and tricks you’d like to share?

(4 minutes)

Q6: What is on the horizon for AI?

(4 minutes)

Conclusion: Wilmac’s Ben Bowen closes out the presentation by sharing the Top 5 Things You Should Know About Wilmac Technologies.

(10 minutes)

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