Wilmac Technologies presents “Gaining Control of Your Voice Data,” an informative webinar on Enterprise Information Archiving solutions.

How can you gain control of your voice data?

Wilmac Technologies has been the home of voice specialists since 1957… yet not many people or organizations know about us. What we do is complex, but necessary. It’s technical, but relevant to many organizations. We classify ourselves as “voice data management specialists” because that’s what we do – we facilitate, capture, analyze, optimize, and archive voice data for all types of organizations.

In Gaining Control of Your Voice Data with Wilmac, we discuss and review Wilmac’s history, our Enterprise Voice Archiving (EVA) solutions, and how you can gain control of your call recording infrastructure with Wilmac’s help.

With the presenters being major parts of the development of Wilmac, you’ll get a comprehensive and personal view of what Wilmac does, how we do it, and why we do it when it comes to voice data management.

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