Continuity Replay

      Are your call recordings locked in a proprietary format? Continuity Replay converts your voice data into an open file format and stores it in a browser-based user interface for search and replay.


      Pull proprietary data from your legacy or production platform and ingest it into Continuity Replay.


      Securely store your audio files and associated metadata in a single pane of glass.

      Search & Replay

      Freely locate files to produce for compliance, quality, or analytical purposes.

      Accessing YOUR data shouldn’t be complicated. Let’s talk! >>

      What Makes Continuity Replay Different? 

      Vendor Agnostic

      Ingest audio and metadata from most recording platforms (NICE, Verint, Red Box, Calabrio, Voice Print, Oaisys), and CCaaS solutions (NICE CXone, Five9, Genesys, Talkdesk, Amazon).

      Retention Purge

      Fully customize and automate your retention schedule that defines when keeping certain records is no longer needed.

      Speech-to-Text Transcription

      Through voice recognition, this feature works by listening to audio and delivering an editable, verbatim transcript on a given device.


      In response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation, use electronic discovery to identify, collect, and produce electronically stored information.

      PII Text & Audio Redaction

      Automatically remove sensitive personally identifiable information from your transcription results.

      Phonetic Index Phrase Searching

      Every word is analyzed separately and transcribed into phonemes for search.

      Encryption at Rest

      Prevent attackers from accessing unencrypted data by ensuring the data is encrypted when on disk.

      Get Back in Control of Your Data with Continuity Replay

      Control how your data is stored

      Have full control of where your call recording data is stored, how long it’s stored, and how you can access it.

      Reduce infrastructure spend

      Decommission legacy systems and reduce associated costs now that you have access to your call recordings.

      Minimize risk attached to legacy voice files

      Easily manage and automate the retention periods associated with your call recording data.

      Simple search and replay

      The Continuity Replay UI is designed with simplicity in mind for anyone to navigate and locate recordings.

      Where Wilmac Technologies Specializes

      Transitioning call recording vendors

      Companies moving from one vendor to another must be able to archive and access the call recordings they are required to retain.

      Multiple call recording vendor environments

      Companies with multiple recording environments (through mergers & acquisitions or multiple modalities) want to simplify their call recording storage.

      Long-term retention requirements

      Lengthy retention periods or multiple retention periods can make data storage and accessibility extremely complicated.

      Production, or cloud-based, environment

      Have full control of where your call recording data is stored, how long it’s stored, and how you can access it by extracting it regularly from your CCaaS platform.


      Third-Party application integration

      Since the call recordings are now in an open format, you can integrate with other third-party applications like analytics, transcription, and reporting.

      Why Wilmac Technologies?

      Put our expertise to work for your bottom line.  


      Call Recording and WFO Technology Experience

      We have over 30 years of experience in selling, supporting, and managing call recording platforms across many different vendors and industries, which has put us in a unique position to understand the ins and outs of every platform, along with where they fall short.


      Customer Demand & Development Input

      Continuity Replay was born out of customer requests in 2015 and is continually being developed to adapt with the changing needs of businesses. A common theme we heard from our customers: they want to have greater control of their data and access it all in one location.

      “What a great solution! We finally found a fit for many of our customers to hold onto their legacy data and audio, encrypted or not. Continuity Replay is a very competitive solution – we no longer have to rely on Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) vendors and their extraction services. Continuity Replay is flexible and adaptable, regardless of what the customers’ needs may be. Our customers love it!”

      Chuck Branum
      Business Development Manager at ConvergeOne

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