Unlocking Efficiency: NICE Inform Clipboard Explained

Take a look at NICE Inform Clipboard by watching this demo.

NICE Inform Clipboard is a crucial tool within the NICE Inform suite, specifically tailored for our partners in public safety. It’s essentially a digital hub where critical incident information comes together seamlessly.

Imagine it as the nerve center during emergencies. Operators and dispatchers can swiftly gather and organize vital data like 911 calls, radio communications, and video feeds—all in one place. This allows for quick analysis and informed decision-making.

With features like annotation and tagging, operators can add context to the information, making it easier for responders to understand the situation at hand. Plus, this organized data can be instantly shared with relevant stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page and enabling coordinated responses.

Join Mark Huber, Wilmac’s Public Safety expert, as he explains how the NICE Inform Clipboard can be used to enhance the public safety agency’s incident investigation process.

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