NICE Compass

NICE Compass, or NICE Compliance Assurance, facilitates the automation of compliance assurance with rigorous monitoring and testing of endpoints in financial organizations.


Verify all endpoints are recording prior to the start of the trading day and proactively identify unrecorded calls.


Get complete visibility into your regulated users’ communication activities to meet stringent regulatory demands.


Achieve an operating environment that protects customers and your firm’s reputation consistently and more efficiently.

Minimize the operational and regulatory risks in your organization. Let’s talk! >>

What makes NICE Compass different?

Verify all endpoints are connected and recording

Initiate test calls from each user endpoint that gets recorded and verify that the call is captured, and confirm call quality, meta data, and users.

Proactively identify unrecorded calls

Know immediately when calls are not recorded and proactively report the issue to regulators so you can minimize the impact.

Automate moves, adds, and changes

Ensure all end users are correctly configured by managing who should be recorded, their retention period, and permissions.

Bulk search and replay all content

Retrieve and replay audio from NTR records in a centralized portal.

Why would I want NICE Compass?

Reduce total cost of compliance

Mix trading, front-office, mobile, back-office, and unified comms recording in the same platform to reduce investment risk and operational complexity.

Save time managing litigation holds and call extractions

Create rules that automatically put litigation holds on hundreds of calls at once and automate the call extraction process.

Optimize your recording platform with report data

Leverage actionable insights in reports to better manage capacity, optimize resources, and reduce costs.

Centrally manage retention policies

Minimize the risk of a regulatory violation by centrally managing retention periods applicable to a line of business or regulatory jurisdiction.

Reduce investigation expenses

Speed up manual, repetitive tasks involved in system administration and responses to compliance investigation requests and leverage data to optimize your resource usage.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the NICE Compass product.  


Experience in the Regulatory Landscape

Wilmac Technologies is a premier provider of NICE Compass, harnessing our years of experience working with NICE to equip our global financial customers with the compliance assurance technology they need to proactively identify bottlenecks in their recording systems.


Operational Efficiency & Compliance

Paired with our rock-solid service team and their managed services, Wilmac Technologies guarantees operational efficiency in your organization that results in staying compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements.

To learn more about the NICE Compass product, download the brochure:
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