NICE NTR, or NICE Trading Recording, is a cutting-edge recording platform that seamlessly integrates trading floor and back office recording capabilities with tools for capture, retention, retrieval, analysis, and monitoring.


Secure all audio files against unauthorized alteration or editing with fail-safe data storage.


Flexibly deploy and grow from a small branch to a centralized multi-data center as recording needs change within your organization.


Actively record and monitor interactions and adhere to global regulatory requirements.

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What makes NICE NTR different? 

Complete Recording

Record all input types with the ability to monitor calls in real-time.

Selective call deletion

Automatically delete relevant records on the retention expiration date or put them on litigation hold to store them beyond the retention period.

Flexible call search

Locate calls using any combination of call duration, marked calls, date and time, user name, channel, and more.

Comprehensive resilience options

Leverage recovery and replay functionality to maintain continuous compliance.

Why would I want NICE NTR?

One solution for all modalities

Record and manage all communications in one central system, including unified communications (UC), turrets, mobile phones, PBX, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Integrated compliance assurance and capture

Manage the complete lifecycle of your data with recording check and reconciliation, dashboards, reporting, bulk extraction, and download features.

Migrate to the cloud at your own pace

Provides an enterprise grade, secure foundation for global firms to scale their recording and compliance assurance capabilities quickly, cost effectively, and efficiently.

Scalable architecture

Accommodate business changes relevant to your recording infrastructure through quick and flexible deployments, scaling and minimizing the complexity of your operations.

Protect your firm against operational failures

Minimize the risk of losing recordings by ensuring there is no single point of failure throughout the capture system.

Why Wilmac Technologies?

Put our expertise to work with the NICE NTR product.  


30+ Years Experience with Compliance Recording

Our 30+ years of experience operating in the financial compliance space and working alongside trading floors and financial institutions to ensure 100% compliance has solidified our position in the market.


Premier Provider of NICE NTR

We are a premier provider of NICE Trading Recording, harnessing our years of experience working with NICE to equip our global financial customers with the trading recording technology they need.


Reliable Guidance and Tier-Three Support

Partnered with an industry-leading solution like NTR, we provide valuable guidance to map out NTR to your organization, making sure all bases are covered and risks are minimized. The support of our tier-three trained engineers allows us to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

For more information on NICE Trading Recording (NTR), download the product brochure:
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