Watch AI for Breakfast On-Demand!

Wilmac Technologies & Five9 present AI for Breakfast, an interview-style discussion that was held on Thursday, February 1st at Oak Hill Country Club.

How is AI being used in CX and contact center technology?

Wilmac Technologies partnered with industry-leading CX company Five9 to host a free educational event on the topic of artificial intelligence and how it’s being used to improve the customer and agent experience.

Jaime Reloj, Five9’s RVP of AI and Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), answers questions on the following topics:

  • The state of AI and how it’s impacting the industry
  • What Generative AI is and how it can be used to improve the customer experience
  • How AI can be utilized throughout the customer journey
  • Common AI use cases in industries like banking, healthcare, and more
  • Where to get started when considering adopting an AI-driven product
  • Addressing cybersecurity and confidentiality concerns around AI
  • Best practices and pitfalls to avoid
  • What’s on the horizon for AI

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