Enterprise Voice Archiving for Non-Dummies


Do you record calls in your organization for compliance or quality purposes?

Then what we do at Wilmac is relevant to you… and this eBook will give you great insight on how we can help you manage your voice needs.

In Enterprise Voice Archiving for Non-Dummies, join the experts at Wilmac as we give you the nitty gritty details surrounding our Enterprise Voice Archiving solution suite. From what the solutions solve and how they work to ten of their distinct use cases, this eBook sheds light on the EVA category in technology. It also answers the following questions:

  • How do I utilize my voice data if it’s in a proprietary format?
  • Where can I easily manage and archive my voice data?
  • How can I archive my voice data up to the specified retention period without much effort?
  • What if I need to search and replay my voice data?
  • I don’t want to use my current vendor’s analytics platform. Can I connect to a third-party platform and export my voice data into it for analysis?

These questions highlight just a few of the topics we cover. The first piece of content of its kind in Wilmac’s marketing efforts, Enterprise Voice Archiving for Non-Dummies will give you a better understanding of where voice archiving fits into organizations like yours and the possibilities that our solutions offer.

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