Watch our Webinar on NICE Inform’s CAD Integration

Wilmac Technologies present Know What To Expect: NICE Inform’s CAD Integration, an informative webinar session on how integrating CAD data can transform your PSAP operations.

Integrating CAD data into your recording solution can transform your PSAP operations

“Whether you’re currently using NICE Inform Essential/Professional or exploring solutions for PSAP improvement, understanding NICE Inform’s CAD Integration is key for effective incident data recording.” – John McDonnell, Wilmac’s Public Safety Sales Director.

During this webinar, Wilmac’s Public Safety experts John McDonnell and Mark Huber delve into the transformative impact of CAD data integration, specifically in quality assurance, discovery, and reconstruction. Gain insights on how it can elevate investigations, ensure policy compliance, and boost employee performance.

Don’t miss this chance to uncover the unique features, importance, and benefits of utilizing NICE Inform’s CAD Integration. Access the recording now to enhance your PSAP operations. Fill out the form to get started!


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