Wilmac is excited to participate a second time in the SBC Cares Thanksgiving Food Drive. Each Thanksgiving, the Small Business Council (SBC) of Rochester seeks to meet the needs of more than 4,000 local families. Food boxes are built and delivered to non-profits across Monroe County for families to receive just in time to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal. 

      With your help, we know it is possible to reach our donation goal of twelve boxes! If you are interested in helping Wilmac give back to families in need, we will be collecting donations for the SBC Cares Thanksgiving Food Drive until November 18th. Items to donate include baked potato mix, stuffing mix, gravy, applesauce, canned vegetables, canned fruit, juice boxes, bread/rolls/muffin mix, dessert mix, or a $25 gift card to Aldi, Tops, Walmart, or Wegmans.

      To learn more about the event, visit the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce website.  

      If you are interested in helping Wilmac fulfill its donation goal, contact [email protected]  

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