Wilmac Technologies Launches Continuity Replay Cloud: A SaaS Solution for Customer Interaction Data Management

May 21st, 2024

Written by Emily Miller, Director of Marketing

Cloud-Based Solution Has New Meaning, New Look, and Bright Future

Rochester, New York: Wilmac Technologies, based in Rochester, announces the launch of Continuity Replay Cloud, a cloud-based solution for omnichannel archiving and records management, tailored for industries with data retention requirements. Previously an on-premises product, this new cloud version offers enhanced features and capabilities.

Continuity Replay Cloud helps highly regulated industries like banking, financial services, healthcare, and insurance comply with customer interaction data retention and put that data to further use with business intelligence. It is vendor agnostic and supports data ingestion from any telephony, contact center, or data storage platform, no matter the vendor, encryption, or proprietary format, which eliminates data silos.

The platform archives various customer interaction types include voice, email (Outlook 365, Gmail), chat, IM, video, screenshare, SMS, social media, document sharing, and CRM data, whether from desktop phones, unified communication platforms (Microsoft Teams, Webex, Symphony, Zoom, RingCentral), chat platforms, (Bloomberg, Reuters, WhatsApp), or mobile phones.

“Continuity Replay originated from a request by our banking and trading floor customers back in 2015. Since then, it’s become vital to our growth as a business,” said Steve McDonnell, President & CEO. “We invested in a Product Development team last year, led by Bob Pease, to develop Continuity Replay Cloud. The cloud enhances the solution’s value and opens endless opportunities for us.”

Continuity Replay Cloud serves as a comprehensive search, replay, and compliance management system, allowing organizations to decommission legacy systems. Beyond the value it brings to organizations transitioning to new systems, Continuity Replay Cloud can pull production data regularly instead of being stored on vendor-provisioned storage, ultimately reducing costs and reliance on vendors.

Continuity Replay Cloud provides these additional benefits: 

  • A cloud-based SaaS platform offering flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency. 
  • A secure, encrypted data center for organizations with stringent regulations.
  • 99.9% SLA for reliability and redundancy. 
  • Intelligent data management and archiving with AI tools for trend, sentiment, and customer journey analysis.

Paired with Wilmac’s portfolio of best-of-breed contact center, customer experience, and communications recording solutions, Continuity Replay Cloud eliminates the need for users to rely on disparate, complex, and inefficient systems.

To learn more about Continuity Replay Cloud, please visit www.wilmactech.com or contact Wilmac’s marketing team at [email protected].

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