Compliance & Customer Experience Sectors Offer Promising Opportunity

Rochester, New York: Wilmac, a Rochester-based voice & digital technology company, is celebrating a leadership transition to a new President and CEO as former Wilmac Vice President and Pittsford resident Steve McDonnell takes leadership. His newfound focus on driving growth, raising accountability, and building a team culture puts Wilmac at an advantage as the technology industry continues to develop in a post-COVID era.  

Vice President of Sales Jim Giblin said of the company’s transition: “Having worked closely with Steve the past decade, he is the right person to guide Wilmac to meet and exceed our established goals for explosive growth and continued successful outcomes for both Wilmac and our customers.” 

This growth-oriented mindset does not come simply from the high hopes and aspirations of McDonnell and his employees. The customer experience and compliance technology industries that Wilmac operates in have had exponential growth since the pandemic, compared to the many industries who have been struggling over the past 2.5 years. The customer experience industry, now valued at 4.87 billion, is projected to be valued at 15.07 billion in 2029. (Fortune Business Insights)

“We have a unique opportunity in the market,” McDonnell says. “Organizations are investing heavily in customer experience, where we have best-in-class solutions and partners. Leveraging those solutions with the compliance products we develop puts us in a great position to gain visibility into both realms of the business. We have positioned our solutions and services in the marketplace where we feel we have unlimited potential for growth.” 

Wilmac is headquartered in Rochester with offices in New York City and Toronto. McDonnell is excited to rejoin the growing technology and business community in Rochester after living in Manhattan for several years. A key component of McDonnell’s business plan is to leverage the surrounding community to accelerate the adoption of Wilmac’s enterprise archiving software along with the continued successful rollout of their cloud contact center solutions. Both of which will be huge contributors to Wilmac’s growth. 

About Wilmac

Wilmac is a premier provider of sales, professional services, and support for Voice and Digital technologies. Through Wilmac’s development, partnerships, and leading vendors, Wilmac serves a variety of industries in North America, including Public Safety and Security Organizations, Contact Centers, and Financial Compliance Institutions. 

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