A Call Recording solution is an important investment for your company, whether it be used for quality improvement, risk mitigation, or compliance. There is more to Call Recording than just the solution, though – it’s maintenance and administration are other huge factors to consider due to their complicated and time-consuming nature.

How do you properly manage your Call Recording solution after it’s installed?

The answer: Third-Party Service Providers.

We identified the top three benefits to working with a third-party service provider:

1. Experience and Certifications

A key consideration when looking for a third-party service provider is whether they have an experienced and certified team of service professionals. This experience and advanced product knowledge will benefit you greatly as it will likely mean higher quality service. Today’s solutions are complicated and evolve rapidly. It takes a certified and proactive professional to effectively maintain the system by administering updates and addressing potential issues. An experienced service provider will also be able to advise you on how to leverage functionality that you’re not using to get more benefit from your system or answer any end-user questions.

2. Efficiency

Simply relying on internal IT resources for Call Recording system maintenance is no longer a viable option. Today’s systems are much more complex and require closer attention and more specialized training to maintain. A third-party service provider addresses the issue that many organizations are facing – nonexistent or inadequate internal IT resources available to service the Call Recording technology. Not only will a third-party provider free up internal resources, but it will also be able to proactively identify and address any potential issues, decreasing the risk of downtime or lost recordings.

3. Unparalleled Support

A common miscommunication between an organization and software vendor is that vendors will support the organization’s ongoing needs with the Call Recording solution. These customers expect ongoing support, while the software vendor expects the customer to perform maintenance, updates, and lower tier problem-solving themselves. Given the complexity of these systems and the time and personnel constraints faced by many customers, this can be problematic. A third-party service provider is available all the time to answer your questions and handle any issues swiftly and thoroughly. Many service providers offer 24-7 monitoring, on-site remote support options, and more flexible support alternatives.

If you’re contemplating the best pathway to purchasing and managing a Call Recording solution for your company, consider the ongoing support you will need after the installation. A third-party service provider like Wilmac offers an end-to-end experience from installation to ongoing maintenance to ensure your Call Recording solution is doing its job.

Contact Wilmac today for more information on what we can offer you as a third-party service provider for Call Recording solutions.

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