NICELog v8.9  

NICELog V8.9 is the ultimate solution for high-capacity and high-risk applications, providing unmatched channel capacity, unwavering reliability, and a comprehensive feature set ideal for organizations requiring transaction verification, compliance, and risk management. 

Overview: NICELog v8.9  

NICELog v8.9 is particularly well-suited for organizations with high capacity or high risk. It provides unrestricted channel capacity, supporting up to 224 channels per server. It has a track record of reliability in critical mission environments and is essential for organizations that require transaction verification, compliance, or risk management. 

NICELog v8.9’s recording range, built on a proprietary platform, has consistently delivered uncompromised digital recording quality and utilizes advanced compression technology. 



Key features of NICELog V8.9 encompass unlimited recording capabilities, the ability to select calls based on criteria like agent name, dialed numbers, or caller ID, support for multimedia recording through PCI-based technology, various storage options, on-demand recording capabilities, and real-time call monitoring. 

NICELog v8.9 has been discontinued and is no longer supported by NICE, so we recommend upgrading your recording solution to minimize the risk associated with this NICELog version. 


Support for NICELog v8.9  

If you are still using NICELog version 8.9, Wilmac Technologies can recommend the next best-fit Communications Recording solution from our solution portfolio. 

If you are managing multiple legacy voice recorders or would like to migrate your call recordings from legacy platforms, you should also consider our data archiving solution Continuity Replay. Continuity Replay is a search and replay tool that extracts your data from its original system, converts it into an open file format, and securely stores it in a browser-based user interface. It is designed to get you back in control of your data and give your organization the flexibility to manage it without having to rely on the original vendor. 

Recommended Solutions & Upgrades

What makes Wilmac Technologies different?


30+ Years Experience in Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Wilmac Technologies entered the WFO realm in 1992, and have since become a leader in providing mission-critical communications recording and customer experience technologies to businesses globally.


Experienced and Tenured Industry Professionals

Our evolution in this industry has involved working with customers in banking, healthcare, insurance, higher education, retail, and more. Visibility into these customers’ technology needs has helped us identify and understand the best solutions for each industry.


Solution-focused Service Team

Wilmac Technologies’ team of professional and technical experts, all tier-three trained, span four service hubs in North America. With a combined industry tenure of over 100 years, our service team has a plan of action prepared for any issue that may arise.


Premier Partners of Industry-leading Vendors

Partnering with NICE, Verint, and Calabrio for over 30 years, we have set high expectations with who we partner with and what solutions we represent.


In-house Development of our Enterprise Information Archiving Portfolio

After reselling best-of-breed solutions for many years, our loyal customers came to us with unique problems surrounding their call recording retention periods. Because of our familiarity with the industry, we developed our Enterprise Information Archiving products and solutions to solve these problems. These are continuously being improved with customer input everyday.

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