Our industry-leading customer experience partner NICE has launched a wide variety of artificially intelligent tools designed to optimize contact center operations and facilitate a positive customer experience under the umbrella of Enlighten AI. 

Contact center leaders are allocating more budget toward investing in artificial intelligence because it’s becoming a must-have to remain competitive and effectively serve your customers as their expectations and demands continue to increase. 

The Enlighten AI solution can be broken down into five “products,” all driven by AI for different departments and uses within the contact center. We will be breaking down those five products so you better understand what’s available to you and what product is best fit for your current situation. 

Enlighten XO 

What is Enlighten XO? 

Enlighten XO, or Enlighten Experience Optimization, analyzes historical conversational data from voice and text interactions to identify and extract the best conversations based on those with optimal outcomes, such as the best customer satisfaction (CSAT), average handle time (AHT), and first call resolution (FCR). These insights can help contact centers optimize experiences by bringing a data-driven, empirical approach to self-service applications like chatbots and intelligent virtual agents. 

Many customers are dissatisfied with their experiences when it comes to self-service because many bots have manually programmed scripts, limiting their ability to handle the nuances of communication. Even though many of these self-service applications can become more intelligent and solve more complex problems, organizations struggle to train them on employee-assisted interactions. 

With Enlighten XO, these struggles are minimized, and the guesswork is taken out of optimizing the customer experience through self-service channels. 

Benefits of Enlighten XO 

By using a product like Enlighten XO in your contact center, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Increase self-service resolution rates 
  • Reduce customer effort with smarter self-service 
  • Automate complex customer needs 
  • Increase digital first contact resolution 
  • Develop new data-driven self-service capabilities (no data science team required!) 
  • Decrease costs for human-assisted channels by reducing voice volume 
  • Provide the 24/7 convenience customers expect and improve digital CX 

When should I add Enlighten XO to my contact center? 

Enlighten XO is a great starting point if you’re looking to invest in artificial intelligence for your center. The product analyzes your current systems and reviews customer interactions and takes its findings to produce a prioritized list of interactions where self-service can be improved to produce better outcomes for customers. 

Consumer demand for self-service continues to rise, but in most instances contact centers are only able to successfully complete simple tasks with their chatbots and voicebots, forcing customers to transfer to a live agent. 

Enlighten XO takes the guesswork out of self-service development and prioritizes the most impactful opportunity first, giving you a clear pathway to improving your self-service. 

Identify the best automation opportunities using Enlighten XO. Prioritize the intents best-suited for automation based on complexity metrics, like volume, duration, and sentiment.

Enlighten Actions 

What is Enlighten Actions? 

Enlighten Actions falls into the operations side of contact center and customer experience teams in an organization. The artificially intelligent tool is designed to better educate decision makers on the automation opportunities available to them, simply by analyzing the current state of the contact center, gauge their levels of service against industry standards, and develop actionable plans to achieve business objective quickly. 

Designed to take a more holistic approach, Enlighten Actions leverages specialized AI models for CX, the latest generative AI models, and advanced applications within CXone to gain faster access to data across the operating system. This data is then analyzed by Enlighten Actions to pinpoint the best opportunities for automation and to understand how business goals are met. It even takes it a step further by providing insights into the best next actions to achieve the outcomes and goals that you established. 

Enlighten Actions gives you on demand access to how your business is running and how to take action to improve and optimize processes and results with automation. 

Benefits of Enlighten Actions 

By using a product like Enlighten Actions in your contact center, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Accelerate time to value on automation 
  • Leverage data to improve self-service channels 
  • Increase self-service success and first contact resolution  
  • Decrease costs across entire organization  
  • Harness personalized insights for targeted actions 

When should I add Enlighten Actions to my contact center? 

Enlighten Actions is best utilized by contact center operations or customer experience teams who want to streamline their work processes and identify areas of opportunity for automation.  

If you’re looking to address the entire contact center operation and find a tool that gives you insight into what’s going on, Enlighten Actions gives you clearer and quicker visibility using artificial intelligence. You can quickly identify the root causes of issues, have faster access to data and analytics, and leverage recommendations from Enlighten Actions to improve your current workflows. 

Enlighten Actions is similar to Enlighten XO from the perspective that it takes the guesswork out of where you should be investing your time and energy. With Enlighten Actions, you can take a step back, view the whole picture, and pinpoint areas of improvement without having to consolidate and understand that data in a manual capacity. 

Enlighten Actions provides insight and actionable next steps into business metrics based on exactly what the CX leader needs.

Enlighten Autopilot 

What is Enlighten Autopilot? 

Enlighten Autopilot is a tool that delivers seamless experiences for customers through digital journeys or AI-designed virtual agents. With a human level of comprehension, Enlighten Autopilot enables smarter, more efficient self-service applications that are fully conversational and can understand intent much faster than your typical bot. 

With an emphasis on creating personalized experience for the customer to improve their loyalty, Enlighten Autopilot fully integrates with all your channels, applications, and workflows so it has all the data and the knowledge base necessary to answer customer requests and improve first call resolution without ever escalating to an agent. 

Enlighten Autopilot acts as a trusted virtual service employee, replicating the experience of speaking with your best agent. By monitoring how top performing agents handle customer interactions on multiple channels, Enlighten Autopilot understands customer intent and expressions and mirrors the actions of your top-performing agents. 

Benefits of Enlighten Autopilot 

By using a product like Enlighten Autopilot in your contact center, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Increase self-service success 
  • Improve streamlining of customer journey 
  • Better understand your customer journey 
  • Decrease costs for human assisted channels 
  • Increase customer loyalty with fully personalized experiences 

When should I add Enlighten Autopilot to my contact center? 

If your customers are often beginning with a self-service application and elevating their interaction to an agent, you might need to upgrade your self-service with a tool like Enlighten Autopilot. Designed to be smarter, more efficient self-service, Enlighten Autopilot gives customers fully conversational responses and understands intent much faster. 

Instead of automatically elevating an interaction to an agent, Enlighten Autopilot can context switch, back jump, and offer proactive messaging so you and your agents have more time to focus on higher-touch, higher-value human-led experiences. 

Take advantage of proactive messaging from Enlighten Autopilot to engage customers early. Keep it to one interaction; Enlighten Autopilot can return to a previous topic to meet every need.

Enlighten Copilot 

What is Enlighten Copilot? 

Enlighten Copilot is a collaborative AI solution designed specifically for agents and supervisors to promote efficient work with conversational knowledge, on-demand guidance, and task automation. By providing a by-their-side conversational AI experience, Enlighten Copilot literally acts as a contact center agent and supervisor copilot, helping navigate customer conversations and managerial tasks to create the ideal day. 

For agents, Enlighten Copilot empowers them to produce more accurate, informed, and brand-specific responses that minimize repetitive tasks and offer faster access to knowledge and answers.  

For supervisors, Enlighten Copilot offers AI-driven coaching and smarter guided interactions to help them offload repetitive tasks, better train their agents, and provide real-time insights for better decisions. 

Ultimately, the goal of Enlighten Copilot is to provide a constant resource to both agents and supervisors to better equip them with the knowledge they need to manage interactions quicker and more effectively and automate and repetitive tasks so they can focus their effort on higher-value interactions. 

Benefits of Enlighten Copilot 

By using a product like Enlighten Copilot in your contact center, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Increase new hire time to proficiency 
  • Increase agent efficiency  
  • Fewer repetitive tasks for agents 
  • Increase supervisor span of control 
  • Increase agent satisfaction and engagement 
  • Decrease average handle time 

When should I add Enlighten Copilot to my contact center? 

If you’re struggling to onboard agents quickly or are seeing longer average handle time than you’d like, Enlighten Copilot would be the best fit for your contact center.  

By giving your agents a constant resource that provides access to a vast knowledge base and understands the optimal ways to resolve issues and use the tools integrated with your system, Enlighten Copilot helps automate repetitive tasks for agents and allows them to better handle and resolve multiple interactions at once. 

Enlighten Copilot is also an extremely beneficial tool for supervisors as well, especially if they lack visibility in their day-to-day operations. With proactive alerts, Enlighten Copilot notifies your supervisors proactively about areas that need their attention and helps them navigate their day more effectively by offloading repetitive tasks. 

Enlighten Copilot assists agents by using Generative AI to generate personalized guidance tailored for every interaction. Enlighten Copilot gives supervisors the insights they need to monitor agent performance and make the right decisions.


What is SmartAssist? 

SmartAssist, otherwise known as CXone SmartAssist, is NICE CXone’s intelligent virtual agent (IVA) offering. As a conversational AI tool, SmartAssist improves the quality and consistency of automated self-service interactions with context switching and understanding of human sentiment. 

Responding quickly with relevant answers and personalized information for customers, we recommend using Enlighten XO to engineer and develop SmartAssist in your contact center. 

As Enlighten XO extracts the necessary knowledge from optimal interactions with customers, that information can then be applied to SmartAssist to accelerate self-service success. SmartAssist is designed to complete tasks and respond quickly with relevant answers and personalized information for customers to complete the interaction or elevate to the agent with context. 

Benefits of SmartAssist 

If you deploy Enlighten SmartAssist in your contact center, you can expect the following benefits: 

  • Opportunity for full resolution for your customer without having to speak with an agent 
  • Reduce operating costs by managing agent volume based on peak times 
  • Save time and effort with prebuilt horizontal and vertical applications, roles, and skills for ease of adoption 
  • Accelerate self-service success with conversational data and AI 

When should I add SmartAssist to my contact center? 

Best paired with Enlighten XO, Enlighten SmartAssist is an intelligent virtual agent that is part of a complete unified customer experience platform. It also requires no assemble, meaning it can be quickly up and running quickly for an accelerated ROI. 

To effectively serve customers, improved self-service is a constant priority for contact centers. Operating at a significantly lower cost than human agents, a well-trained intelligent virtual agent can serve customers 24/7/365, and help you keep service costs low. 

If you are struggling with your self-service application, and want to provide a better digital experience for customers, Enlighten SmartAssist is a great place to start. Backing it with Enlighten XO to analyze human-led interactions, SmartAssist then has the knowledge of what an optimal experience looks like for your organization and can draw from that as it interacts with customers. 

In Closing 

Enlighten AI has a number of available tools that can be leveraged by contact centers depending on their current priorities. One thing is clear though: artificial intelligence is a must-have in your contact center, due to its ability to optimize processes and take the guesswork out of making certain decisions. Instead, it helps analyze your current operations and prioritize what you should be investing your time and energy in to improve your customer experience. 

In front of your customers 24/7, available to help your agents, and able to simplify contact center operations, the Enlighten AI toolset offers a number of products to add to your infrastructure.

Learn more about the AI tools available for your contact center.

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