The past 18 months or so, we’ve seen a 400% increase in unified communications app usage. There is an average of 62 million+ video conferences held weekly by organizations. Mobile applications like WhatsApp have had a 40% increase in usage. In Financial Service Organizations (FSOs), these factors have brought about significant challenges when it comes to communications compliance, putting tremendous pressure on the performance of recording systems.

      In a highly regulated industry, there are four critical features that an FSO needs in a recording platform:

      1. Ensure that you are recording
        • Proactively identify unrecorded calls during the trading day
        • Verify that all your endpoints are connected and recording before the trading day starts
        • Prevent downtime of the recording system.
      2. Manage your recordings
        • Efficiently manage numerous litigations hold requests
        • Keep an open system that meets all security requirements
        • Make recordings easily available for compliance audit, investigations, trade reconstructions, and business intelligence
      3. Improve your processes
        • Centrally manage your system for all regions and lines of business
        • Reduce downtime, risk, and out-of-hours work by patching in production
        • Enable for cloud services when possible
      4. Provide management
        • Deliver complete end to end managed services with certified expert skills
        • Offer proactive health checks and application performance tuning
        • Eliminate scheduling and managing on-site upgrades

      Another hot topic in FSO communications compliance is the use of Microsoft Teams. With NICE’s NTR-X, there is a specific Microsoft Teams Capture feature that adds significant value to your recording platform. It’s easy to deploy, enables total recording, offers advanced features, and is secure. NICE was the first vendor to be officially Microsoft Teams integration certified, so their credibility with the platform cannot be overstated.

      Together with NICE, Wilmac offers even more for your FSO when it comes to communications compliance. Our dedicated sales, engineering, and delivery teams offer significant experience and support when it comes to implementing and managing a recording platform like NTR-X.

      In addition, our Voice Management specialists work with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid systems. Our team is flexible, nimble, and scalable so that your unique business needs and long-term goals are met. When it comes to ensuring you have complete communications compliance in your FSO, Wilmac and NICE offer a strategic alliance optimized to benefit you, the customer. Our on-demand webinar, Recording Microsoft Teams – Complete Communications Compliance, offers more insight into our partnership with NICE and the details associated with Microsoft Teams Recording in NTR-X. Click here to view the recording.

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