WhatsApp is a common mode of communication due to its simplicity and flexibility in sending text messages, voice calls, video calls, and recorded voice messages. It is widely used because of its low cost and ability to communicate internationally without the fear of an astoundingly high phone bill. In highly regulated industries like banking, insurance, and healthcare, it is critical to employ a WhatsApp recording and archiving solution to comply with the regulations. 

Under SEC regulations and others including MiFID II, FINRA, CTFC, and more, WhatsApp messaging and voice calls are required to be captured and retained for a specific period depending on the industry. WhatsApp is considered a part of Unified Communications, so, it is critical to capture and store these communications or be subject to hefty fines. 

Wilmac’s WhatsApp Recording Solution 

Wilmac WhatsApp recording that allows users to proactively comply with the regulations that require regulated industries to capture and retain all WhatsApp communications. Several key features are included in the solution, including: 

  • Recording of WhatsApp communications on iOS and Android devices 
  • Uses standard WhatsApp interface and encryption 
  • Works from Mobile App, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp Desktop 
  • Captures WhatsApp calls, messages, and deletions, including text, multimedia, files, and more 
  • Complete separation between private and business texts on personal devices 
  • Automatic archiving operates in the background without user intervention 

With the WhatsApp monthly active user base reaching over 2 billion globally and several tier-one firms recently receiving millions of dollars in fines due to their failure to monitor and archive WhatsApp communications, organizations need to be more cautious than ever to securely capture and retain WhatsApp communications involving potential transactions. Benefits of using Wilmac’s WhatsApp recording solution include: 

  1. Simplify risk with centralized management 
  2. Meet employee and customer demands for compliant, mobile modern messaging and communication tools 
  3. Automate costly tasks around compliance, investigation, and administration  
  4. Opportunity to tie in other unified communication recording for modalities such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WeChat, etc. 

WhatsApp Archiving – A New Feature in Continuity Replay 

Besides capturing WhatsApp communications, one must still consider retaining and archiving them.  

All unified communications must be captured, archived, and retained, so it is necessary to consider the different and most efficient options available to store them. Wilmac specializes in what we like to call Enterprise Voice Archiving (EVA), which is a subset of Gartner’s Enterprise Information Archiving (EIA) category.  Gartner defines EIA as a software that combines products and solutions for archiving under messaging content, which includes WhatsApp and other communication modalities, such as email, files, instant messaging, and voice. 

Wilmac’s EVA practice group focuses on the voice aspect of EIA, and our Continuity Replay solution deals primarily in extracting data, then archiving, searching, and replaying voice data that must be retained. It also includes features such as retention purge, legal hold, and more to help manage that data.  

The addition of WhatsApp archiving into Continuity Replay expands the solution into the EIA category, as users can now store their WhatsApp chat and voice interactions in Continuity Replay and search and replay them just as they would their voice data. With this added feature, users can streamline both their voice and WhatsApp recordings into one centralized portal and easily access the recordings from its web-based interface. The features mentioned before including retention purge, legal hold, e-discovery, and more apply similarly to the WhatsApp data being archived in Continuity Replay to assist with retention and data management. 

The increasing regulations surrounding WhatsApp put regulated industries in a tough position to add yet another modality to their recording. With Wilmac WhatsApp recording, you can ensure 100% compliance when it comes to WhatsApp communications. Along with the new WhatsApp archiving feature in Continuity Replay, you can house your voice and WhatsApp communications in one central location to allow for easy access for search and replay.  

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