Attain Efficient Incident Reconstruction with NICE Inform Organizer 

March 21st, 2022

Written by John McDonnell, Public Safety Sales Director

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One of the most important aspects of having efficient incident reconstruction in the public safety setting is organization. Information assembly, debriefing, and distribution doesn’t have to be burning and carrying CDs and DVDs or emailing .wav files around to collaborate or share evidence.   

Is there an application that makes incident reconstruction simpler?  


In the mission-critical environment that is public safety, sharing multimedia content for investigations while protecting the chain of custody is done quite often. While seconds can impact the outcome of an event in this industry, a central repository of information can make all the difference in saving time while completing incident reconstruction.   

With NICE Inform Organizer, online information access is becoming the new standard – local and remote users can swiftly add NICE recordings or third-party content to a central repository of incident records via an intuitive web accessible interface. This application was designed to make it easier to collect, organize, share, and protect the evidence that is given to District Attorneys, investigators, and the media for incident management.  

NICE Inform Organizer has some unique features that differentiate it from other reconstruction applications.  

1. All records are kept in one place.  

Assemble and organize any number of records into folders created for each incident. These records can include any communications captured by NICE 911 call recording system like audio, SMS text messages, screen files, geographic information (GIS), and notes. Documents, photos, video clips, audio, and virtually any other third-party content can be centralized into one location for reconstruction.  

3. See the full picture with synchronized playback.  

Regardless of source or media, all records are visualized on a timeline and played via built-in media plater in synchronized sequence as they occurred.   

5. Collaborate seamlessly with other agencies.  

Easily export your incident folders or import other agencies’ incident information into your folders. Intelligent collaboration offers faster and more accurate analysis of cross-jurisdictional incidents.  

2. Customize your organization for fast access.  

Associate the most important reference information to incident folders such as CAD incident ID or court case number for fast search and access to the entire collection of incident information. You have the ability to create additional database fields for incident folders to enhance categorization and precision searches.   

4. Securely export incident folders for distribution.  

Export entire incident folders as encrypted, password-protected files. You have the ability to redact sensitive segments within audio recordings prior to export while preserving the integrity of originals. Recipients are then able to visualize and play the contents of the exported files in the same synchronized manner as the NICE Inform Organizer interface. You can also burn records onto CD or DVD media on the platform for your convenience.  

6. Ensure the integrity of each file or record.  

NICE Inform Organizer stores incident files separately from data and files captured by the recording system. Detectives and other authorized users may annotate and organize information in incident folders without impacting the integrity of the original recordings.  

Efficiency is a common target for improvement in public safety. Finding ways to optimize processes while storing data securely isn’t as easy as it seems but employing platforms like NICE Inform Organizer can help you take a step in the right direction.

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